GHOST Dream Eau de Parfum

GHOST are one of my favourite fragrance brands, with the original GHOST fragrance and GHOST Eclipse being within my top ten fragrances of all time. GHOST have been around for a seriously long time; 17 to be exact as they launched in 2000, and the original GHOST fragrance was my go-to fragrance throughout my teenage years. However I personally feel that there’s somewhat of a scent snobbery towards GHOST as a brand as their fragrances aren’t in the realms of Chanel or DIOR, instead they’re much more affordable so I guess some might think they can’t be great and they’re really missing out in my opinion.

I’m not going to lie GHOST Deep Night is one of my least favourite fragrances I’ve ever tried, I just can’t stand it but every other GHOST fragrance I’ve tried, I’ve really liked which is pretty good going considering I now have six GHOST fragrances in my collection thanks to the launch of the GHOST Dream Eau de Parfum.

GHOST Dream Eau de Parfum

“GHOST Dream is a captivating and enigmatic floral oriental scent created for young women who embrace their femininity and independence. Deliciously transparent; light yet complex, Dream encapsulates the pink clouds of a hazy sunset, the play of light on rippling water.

A multifaceted, floral fragrance with a subtle depth. The scent opens with delicate 100% natural Rose Essential and fragrant Moroccan orange flower. A floral heart of heady Egyptian jasmine and pretty violet develops to reveal a sensual base of woody notes, ambroxan musks and patchouli.

Central to the fragrance is the unique Aquaflora note creating a delicate aqueous floral scent to interpret a transcendental reality.”

GHOST Dream Eau de Parfum GHOST Dream Eau de Parfum

The GHOST Dream Eau de Parfum packaging is truly stunning, and the prettiest packaging GHOST has done to date. To complement the multifaceted fragrance, the bottle has the most amazing multifaceted multicoloured design with a clear chunky base which fades into lilac in the middle and sky blue towards the four corners of the bottle.

Even the weighty metal lid is lilac toned to match the body of the bottle. The imagery surrounding the launch of GHOST Dream depict Malaika Firth; the face of the fragrance on top of the ocean with a stunning sunset in the background which match the colours of the bottle beautifully.

If you’ve not liked any GHOST fragrances previously, I really do think the GHOST Dream Eau de Parfum is unlike any other fragrance within the GHOST collection but it’s one I find really hard to describe, and I’ve pondered over this particular paragraph for hours trying to decipher the notes on dry down. I can’t honestly detect any single note on first spritz nor when settled, so I don’t feel there’s any overbearing notes at any stage.

If I had to describe Dream I’d have to say it was a clean, fresh fruity floral which isn’t particularly helpful I know so I really do apologise. It doesn’t remind me of anything specifically but I think you’ll love Dream if you like Dolce & Gabbana Dolce but it’s definitely one to try as I really think it’d be impossible to hate, especially as it lasts well on my skin and it starts at £27 for 30ml from The Perfume Shop.

Have you tried the GHOST Dream Eau de Parfum fragrance? 

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