Makeup Geek Blind Date Blush

Makeup Geek Blind Date Blush

I am a massive Makeup Geek fan, and have amassed quite a large collection of their eyeshadows and blushes since they launched in the UK towards the end of 2015. I did a post on my Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Collection and Makeup Geek Blush Collection previously, but I really need to do a more updated version of each one as I’ve added a lot of new editions, especially to my eyeshadow collection.

I purchased the Makeup Geek Blind Date Blush £7.95 as it was described as being ‘best suited for porcelain skintones’ and I loved the colour on the Makeup Geek website, however it looks so different to the shade on the website. According to Makeup Geek, the Makeup Geek Blind Date Blush is a “Matte Cantaloupe Pink” but on the Makeup Geek website it is a pretty peach shade so I was somewhat surprised when it arrived as it’s very much a pink shade, and nothing like the shade shown on Makeup Geek (here).

Makeup Geek Blind Date BlushMakeup Geek Blind Date Blush

The Makeup Geek Blind Date Blush really is a beautiful shade for pale skin, as it translates as a pale rosy pink shade with a matte finish. Sometimes matte blushes can be hard to blend or look quite patchy on the skin, but Blind Date is one of the best matte blushes I’ve tried as it’s super soft, but it’s not so soft that it just blends away into nothing on the cheeks.

I feel like Makeup Geek Blind Date Blush is the shade you’d get if you were to mix Makeup Geek’s Spellbound and Smitten together. I bought seven of my Makeup Geek Blush shades when they first launched onto Beauty Bay, but Makeup Geek did reformulate their blush formula in June of last year and I have to say, the newer formula is definitely superior to the older formula as they’re not as powdery, and the newer formula is also more pigmented in my opinion.

I definitely want to try more of the newer Makeup Geek Blush shades as I like the new formula so much more, and I just love how convenient the blush pans are within my custom palettes as I like being able to mix shades together. I think the Makeup Geek blushes really are amazing for the price as they’re £7.95 each for 4.25g of product, and Revlon powder blushes are £7.99 for the same amount of product.

I would love to know if you’ve tried any of the Makeup Geek blushes?

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