Pixi GelTints and SilkGloss + Sheer Cheek Gels

Pixi Sheer GelTints and SilkGloss + Sheer Cheek Gels

I have tried lots of fantastic Pixi products this year both from their skincare collection and their makeup collection, and most recently I’ve been testing out the Pixi GelTints and SilkGloss + Sheer Cheek Gels products which I’d never seen before, so I had no idea what they’d be like. You can purchase Pixi products from Cult Beauty and let’s move onto the products…

Pixi Sheer GelTints and SilkGloss + Sheer Cheek GelsPixi Sheer GelTints and SilkGloss + Sheer Cheek GelsPixi Sheer GelTints and SilkGloss + Sheer Cheek Gels

“This sheer, translucent gel creates a super natural flush of colour – the key to a youthful face. Applies easily with fingers for a fresh & healthy burst of colour on cheeks and lips.

Keeps cheeks looking fresh and healthy all day long without the need for any touch ups. Oil free, fragrance free and hypoallergenic. Hydrating, moisturizing and skin-conditioning.”

The Pixi Sheer Cheek Gels are £14 each with three shades available; Rosy, Natural and Flushed and they’re packaged within squeezy plastic tubes. Inside the tubes the shades do look a little intimidating as I prefer more muted shades for my cheeks but the colour once blended genuinely is sheer, even with Flushed which is the darkest shade within the trio.

They really do have a gel consistency which is incredibly easy to blend into the skin, and I prefer to use a duo fibre brush rather than my fingers to blend it in as they really do stain your fingertips. Rosy is a pretty rosy pink shade, Natural is my favourite and is a peachy pink shade whereas Flushed is a deep berry shade. You only need a tiny amount per cheek so these tubes really will last you a very long time and they work nicely on the lips too if you like a matching cheek and lip colour.

Even though they’re ‘Sheek Cheek Gels’ they do tint the skin making them very longlasting so make sure you work quickly when blending as they lightly tint as soon as they touch the skin.

Pixi GelTints and SilkGloss + Sheer Cheek GelsPixi GelTints and SilkGloss + Sheer Cheek GelsPixi GelTints and SilkGloss + Sheer Cheek GelsPixi GelTints and SilkGloss + Sheer Cheek Gels

“For an everyday quick pick-me-up look, I love a simple stained lip with a gloss on top. Long-lasting lip tint gives a beautiful stained effect. Gloss keeps lips hydrated & nourished. Adds a natural brilliance and can be used separately or together. They have an hydrating formula which doesn’t dry the lips out.”

The Pixi GelTints and SilkGloss are also £14 each and are available in three different colourways, with each shade containing a GelTint shade and a SilkGloss shade in a dual ended tube. The three shades are; Berry Tint and Sweet Gloss (a mauve pink tint and browny nude lipgloss), Beach Tint and Fresh Gloss (a deep brown toned red tint and an orange lipgloss) as well as Pink Tint and Pretty Gloss (a fuchsia pink tint and a nude lipgloss).

I had to include photos of the swatches of the shades, as well as a photo of the stains left behind as these are the most longwearing tints I’ve ever come across as these swatches lasted two days even with excessive scrubbing with micellar water, oil and soap. I have very sensitive skin and due to my contact dermatitis I’m prone to skin flare ups, so I didn’t feel comfortable trying these tints on my lips incase I had a flareup as you simply can’t remove them quickly.

If however you don’t have any skin sensitivities and you love a longlasting lip tint, you’d absolutely love these as they’re ridiculously longlasting and the gloss is a nice accompaniment should you need to add a little moisture.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried the Pixi GelTints and SilkGloss or the Sheer Cheek Gels?

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