YSL Liquid Lipstick Wardrobe

YSL Liquid Lipstick Wardrobe

Back in 2012, YSL launched their highly popular YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stains and for 2017 YSL have added five fresh new shades, as well as a brand new formula; the YSL Vernis à Lèvres Vinyl Cream Liquid Lipsticks. Amazingly enough I’d never even tried the YSL Glossy Stains before, and I’m not entirely sure why.

I think it’s because my magpie tendencies mean I’m automatically drawn to their Rouge Volupté Lipsticks when at one of their counters as they’re so shiny and beautiful, so I’ve always overlooked the Glossy Stains until now but I’m so happy I’ve finally tried them as part of the YSL Liquid Lipstick Wardrobe.

YSL Liquid Lipstick Wardrobe:

YSL Liquid Lipstick WardrobeYSL Liquid Lipstick WardrobeYSL Liquid Lipstick Wardrobe

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stains £28

“Live the intensity of vibrant colour and high resonance lacquered shine that lasts. A glossy stain you barely feel. A new movement in lip wear is born. 

Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain combines the texture and shine of a lip gloss with the long-wear of a lip stain for a truly innovative lip product. A lightweight texture that immediately melts onto lips.

This liquid lipstick is a long lasting lip gloss, delivering intense glossy colour for an extremely long lasting new kind of shine. The applicator’s unique slanted tip and short soft bristles allow for flawless application with perfect precision. 

Adjustable, truly different shine. High wear. Non sticky. Easy application.”

YSL Vernis  à Lèvres Vinyl Cream Liquid Lipsticks £28

“Vernis à Lèvres Vinyl Cream. Cream comfort. Vinyl shine. Radical wear. 

Coat your lips with intense colour and high-impact shine with Vernis À Lèvres Vinyl Cream Liquid Lipstick. Combining the benefits of a long-lasting stain, high-shine lip gloss and intense lip colour, this creamy, long-wear lipstick stays put for up to ten hours. Sweep the diamond-shaped applicator over your lips to enhance the cupid’s bow for a sharp, professional contour that lasts. 

Vinyl melts into cream, drenching lips in moisturizing comfort and a riff of fearless colour. Smoothing, hydrating, perfecting in a flash. Lipstick and a gloss come in a fearless tracklist of shades, which remain completely bulletproof – no matter what.”

YSL Liquid Lipstick Wardrobe

I have two of the YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stains in the shades Rouge Fusian/Sfumato 46 (a bold orange toned red) and Carmin Tag 47 (a pinky toned red) which are both part of the five new shades that have launched this year, with a total of 26 shades within the range.

I also have one of the new YSL Vinyl Cream Liquid Lipsticks in the shade Fuchsia Beats 415 (a blue toned fuchsia pink), and there are a total of 15 shades to choose from. The main visual difference between the two formulas is that the Glossy Stains have a golden metallic lid, whereas the Vinyl Cream Liquid Lipsticks have a black lid so it’s easy to tell them apart.

Each of the tubes have a clear window in the base of the tube so I can see the shade inside which is always handy when you own multiple shades. Both formulas have the same applicator, which is a teardrop shape with a little well in the middle that holds product so you don’t have to keep dipping back into the tube to fully coat your lips. I don’t notice a scent or taste for either formula when they’re on the lips, but in the tube there’s a very subtle fruity scent.

The YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stains is like a watered down liquid lipstick which can be applied sheerly like a tinted lip gloss but the colour can be intensified in a few more swipes. You have to be very careful with application but the staining is power is insane. Once you’ve applied either formula, they’re staying place for 8 hours+ so it’s essential to nail the application, so I have to admit I like to use a lip brush to perfect my lip line and then use the applicator directly on the lips to fill them in as I don’t want to be stuck with clown lips for 8 hours straight.

They feel so lightweight on the lips, not at all sticky and you will forget you’re even wearing anything as intensely pigmented as they are. The initial high shine glossy finish does fade over around 2-3 hours to leave behind a super intense stain, and they don’t transfer when eating/drinking providing you wait around ten minutes after application.

The YSL Vinyl Cream Liquid Lipsticks do have the same watery, thin consistency but it’s ever so slightly thicker in comparison to the Glossy Stains; and they stain even more too. They do feel very similar on the lips to the Glossy Stains but they’re more pigmented so you can get away with only swipe depending on how intense you like your lip colour to be. They feel creamier than the Glossy Stains, which give a more translucent, juicy effect like a gloss whereas the Vinyl Cream Liquid Lipsticks offer more opacity like a lip cream and lasts all day long.

I would love to try a nude or pink shade in both the formulas as I wear nude and pink lip colours almost every day, and the longlasting formula really is one of the best I’ve tried. I can’t even think of a product which compares but it’s definitely a formula you need to try if you love intense colour, amazing longevity as well as comfortable wear, and let’s face it you can’t help but feel fancy when whipping a YSL lip product out of your bag.

I’d love to know what your favourite YSL lip product from the YSL Liquid Lipstick Wardrobe is? Have you tried the Glossy Stains or Vinyl Cream Liquid Lipsticks?

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