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MAC Luna Cream Colour Base

MAC Luna Cream Colour Base Review and Swatches

The MAC Lightscapade Mineralize Skin Finish is one of my all time favourite highlighters, especially for pale skin and I decided I wanted to try a different MAC highlighter formula. I bought the MAC Luna Cream Colour Base on a whim to be honest which is rather rare for me when it comes to makeup purchases as I usually scour online for reviews before parting with my money.

However  it sounded unique to anything else in my collection so I went ahead and bought it. I had no idea there were 17 different Cream Colour Base shades to choose from as I’ve only ever seen people use one or two shades in YouTube videos but I opted for Luna which is the palest shade they have to offer but I was tempted by Pearl too.

MAC Luna Cream Colour Base

What is the MAC Cream Colour Base?!

“A creamy, emollient-based formula that imparts colour and a sheer, dewy finish, allowing you to create effects that range from sheer layers to dramatic and luscious intensities, depending on the application. Unique formula allows product to be applied directly on bare skin, eyes and lips or blends easily when layered over foundation, moisturizer or powder. Fragrance-free.”

MAC Luna Cream Colour BaseMAC Luna Cream Colour Base Review and Swatches

The MAC Luna Cream Colour Base is packaged within a circular plastic compact with a clear domed lid and contains 3.2g of product for £18. In all honesty I was initially surprised that the compact only contains 3.2g as that’s pretty minimal especially when you compare it to the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured shades contain 5.5g of product although they are £30 each.

After using the MAC Luna Cream Colour Base for four months now, I’m really not bothered by the smaller amount of product as I honestly don’t envisage myself ever finishing this product as you need the tiniest amount imaginable for each use.

Luna is described as a “bright white with shimmer” which I would agree with, it is a bright white which would potentially a little stark on skintones which are deeper than mine. As I already own the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured in Pearl, I was worried that the MAC Luna Cream Colour Base would look identical but Luna is whiter and more metallic and intense compared to Pearl which is considerably more subtle in comparison.

My favourite method of application is to use my fingertips and dab it onto the skin so it looks relatively natural but if you use a brush it looks a lot more intense. I only have to dab my fingertip into the pan once and it picks up enough product for one cheekbone so I really don’t think I’ll ever finish it so £18 isn’t too bad at all and Luna is just so perfect for super pale skin like mine.

Have you ever tried one of the MAC Cream Colour Bases before? Do you have a favourite shade?