Forever Puff Ovo – The Washable Makeup Puff

16th October 2017

Forever Puff Ovo - The Washable Makeup Puff

The Forever Puff Ovo £11.50 is a product which really weirded me out to begin with and I had no idea what it was apart from being something furry inside a little plastic packet. I’ve never heard of the Forever Puff before, nor have I ever heard of a washable makeup puff. I don’t even use powder puffs within compacts as I have a latex allergy so I have to be careful with the rubbery sponge puffs within compacts, and I much prefer to use a makeup brush so I always carry a few brushes within my makeup bag incase I have to touch up my makeup. It’s not ideal carrying around makeup brushes as they can get damaged in your bag and they’re not especially travel friendly, so the Forever Puff Ovo did appeal as something I could use instead of brushes.

Forever Puff Ovo

What is the Forever Puff Evo?

• Smallest of the “Forever Puffs”
• Egg shaped 
• Designed for small, hard to reach areas
• Inner corners of the eyes, around nose, mouth, brows and in and around ears
• Smaller shaped, finest design and delicate fabric for sensitive skin
• More control in application
• Powder will go where you place it
• One end smaller for small, tight areas
• Other end larger, for larger, wider areas like cheeks, neck and forehead
• Feel like a professional make-up artist
• Fits into a small cosmetic or travel bag and / or purse

Forever Puff Ovo - The Washable Makeup Puff

The Forever Puff Ovo – The Washable Makeup Puff is basically a large, teardrop shaped ‘pad’ with a printed design on one side and grey soft almost fleece like material on the reverse. It doesn’t feel anything like a typical makeup puff, but it is extremely soft and silky.

The teardrop design is to allow you to apply powder in hard to reach areas with the pointed tip, as well as doing larger areas such as the forehead and cheeks. Some puffs can be used for the application of creams and liquids but the Forever Puff is purely for powder so I’ve been using it to set my powder under my eyes and through my t-zone by simply blotting the puff against the skin.

Due to the soft, fleecy material of the puff it’s very malleable so you can bend it and fold it into the shape you want and it springs back to its original shape immediately.

The Forever Puff Ovo is a more environmentally option than say blotting papers or sponge puffs which have to be thrown away after a few uses, as you can wash the Forever Puff to remove any oils or makeup as well as killing any bacteria.

It’s such a strange beauty tool but it’s really quite clever, and I imagine it would work amazingly well for those with oily skin as it blots away unwanted shine without disturbing your makeup underneath and it fits nicely into a makeup bag as it’s flexible. If you like the sound of the Forever Puff Evo, it’s available to purchase from The Makeup Armoury and it’s £11.50 which I don’t think is too bad considering the Beauty Blender Blotterazzi is £16 and isn’t as delicate on the skin.

What do you think of the Forever Puff Ovo? Is it something you need within your makeup routine?

Forever Puff Ovo - The Washable Makeup Puff 1
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