Hylamide Booster Pore Flush

Hylamide Booster Pore Flush

It can be a little overwhelming trying to keep up to date with all of the many launches from the Deciem brands but there is one Deciem brand I’d never tried until recently and that is Hylamide. Hylamide have recently launched a new product within their Booster series; the Hylamide Booster Pore Flush 120ml £13. The Hylamide Booster Pore Flush sounded pretty cool name wise but I’d not seen it featured on any blogs yet so I had no idea what to expect.

Hylamide Booster Pore Flush

The Hylamide Booster Pore Flush is described as being a plant- and marine-based mist formula to help visibly reduce pore size and sebum overactivity. It uses the following technology:

Bridewort Bioderivatives

A biotechnology derivative that acts as a solubilizer of congestion within pores to flush them out. The name of the product is inspired by the pore-flushing activity of this technology.

Buchu Bioderivatives

Helps reduce visible sebum accumulation within pores which can causes pores to appear enlarged.

Natural Marine Polymers

Forms a natural, non-clogging marine-derived film to tighten pores immediately and visibly reduce sebum even further through a different pathway than that offered by other technologies within the formula.

Hylamide Booster Pore Flush

I really like how colourful the products are within the Hylamide ranges compared to the clinical monochrome vibes of NIOD and The Ordinary, and the Hylamide Booster Pore Flush has a bright lime green wrapper around the bottle so it really stands out amongst my other facial mists. I have dry and dehydrated skin so sebum isn’t a massive skincare concern of mine but I do suffer from hormonal breakouts along my chin and jawline.

The mist isn’t the finest I’ve tried but it doesn’t matter that much as it’s something you apply morning and evening on clean, dry face, before the application of other skincare treatments so you don’t have to worry about disrupting your makeup. It has a subtle fruity scent which smells quite fresh and the wetness dissipates within a minute or two and it does leave my skin feeling matte but not uncomfortably so.

In terms of results, I’ve been trying the Hylamide Booster Pore Flush for just over three weeks and I really do think it has helped reduce congestion of my pores especially on my nose but I don’t think I’ve noticed a visible reduction in the size of my pores but those with an overproduction of sebum may notice more visible results.

I like how clean my skin feels when using this mist as an additional step before applying any of my other skincare and it does feel like it’s ‘working’ as my skin as I get a very, very slight tingle on first spritz so it does feel like it’s penetrating my pores and I’m dying for my OH to let me use it on him as he has congested pores within his T-Zone which would benefit from using the Pore Flush.

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