Kiehls Cucumber Conditioning Cleanser

Kiehls Cucumber Conditioning Cleanser

Kiehls are such a fabulous brand, and although I’ve only ever tried their skincare and bodycare thus far, I’m yet to be disappointed by anything I’ve tried. It’s crazy to think that Kiehls started in 1851 as an old world apothecary and now they’re a cult favourite beauty brand. I’ve only ever tried one of the Kiehls cleansers; the Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil, so I knew I had to try their newest cleanser once it launched. The Kiehls Cucumber Conditioning Cleanser 150ml £19.50 is formulated for all skin types, particularly dry or sensitive skin which is ideal for my skin as I’m dry, dehydrated and very sensitive.

Kiehls Cucumber Conditioning Cleanser

Our ultra-gentle, foaming gel-lotion cleanser softly melts away dirt, impurities, and make-up while conditioning even dry, sensitive skin for a fresh-feeling clean that lasts all day. Formulated with whole cucumbers, carefully extracted to preserve the quality and nutrients of the fruit, and plant-based glycerin, our non-drying, non-irritating cleanser maintains skin’s moisture leaving it soothed, velvety soft, and comfortably cleansed.

x Soap Free

x Sulfate Free

x Glycerin – Known to help skin retain moisture, this humectant softens and smoothes skin.

x Cucumber Fruit Extract – Obtained via a unique cryoextraction process, Cucumber can help soothe and calm sensitive skin.

Kiehls Cucumber Conditioning Cleanser

When I read the description of the Kiehls Cucumber Conditioning Cleanser prior to trying it, I was a little nervous about it being a ‘foaming’ cleanser as foaming cleansers really don’t work for my skin as they usually strip my skin of the very little moisture I have left. The cleanser is a milky coloured gel which you massage into damp skin, and the second the gel makes contact with water it emulsifies into a creamy foam rather than a bubbly foam which probably makes no sense at all but it’s not like a typical foaming cleanser.

The first time I used the cleanser, I used just over a £2 coin sized amount and it was considerably too much as you only need a 20p sized amount which really surprised me but the emulsification allows the gel to spread easily over the skin. This 150ml tube is going to last for such a long time as you only need a tiny amount.

Like the name suggests, the Kiehls Cucumber Conditioning Cleanser has a subtle cucumber scent which is nice and fresh and it melts away my makeup easily from my face and use a hot flannel to rinse, but I prefer to use an eye makeup remover to remove my eye makeup before using any cleanser but this cleanser does remove eye makeup effectively too.

It’s such a lovely cleanser, and Kiehls have a Cucumber Alcohol-Free Toner which is said to work nicely alongside the cleanser. I haven’t experienced any sensitivities since introducing this cleanser into my skincare routine, it’s not stripping nor does it make my skin feel uncomfortable. The glycerine leaves my skin feeling plumped, softened and hydrated, and I love using it as my morning cleanser.

Have you tried any of the Kiehls cleansers before?

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