Laura Geller Filter Corrector Colour Perfecting Balm

Laura Geller Filter Corrector Colour Perfecting Balm

I’ve featured a total of 28 different Laura Geller beauty products here on my blog over the last four and half years, and one of my favourite Laura Geller products is the Laura Geller Filter Finish Baked Radiant Setting Powder as it’s so brightening on the skin. The Laura Geller Filter Finish range has been extended by the launch of the new Laura Geller Filter Corrector Colour Perfecting Balm which is £25 and available from Debenhams.

I’ve dabbled in colour correcting for a good few years but it can be hard to find colour correctors which are pigmented enough to actually counteract and cancel out problem skin concerns such as redness, dullness, dark circles and hyper-pigmentation but the shades within this Filter Corrector Colour Perfecting Balm are some of the best I’ve used.

Laura Geller Filter Corrector Colour Perfecting Balm

Laura Geller say;

Three color perfecting balms in Peach, Blue, and Green to perfect your complexion: Apply before make-up. Use shades as needed to customize for your color correcting needs.

Peach: Neutralizes and conceals under eye dark circles. Helps hide hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and visible veins.

Blue: Eliminates yellow undertones for a radiant, glowing complexion. Brightens the appearance of skin tone.

Green: Reduces redness and assists in concealing acne, rosacea, and any visible capillaries.

Laura Geller Filter Corrector Colour Perfecting Balm

The Laura Geller Filter Corrector Colour Perfecting Balm is packaged within a circular layered jar with a mirror within the lid and three separate layers for the three different colour corrector shades. Each of the layers lock into eachother to stay airtight so you don’t need to worry about them drying out and I like that you can open the lid and open just one shade at a time or open all three. Even though the jar is relatively compact, each of the three concealers contain 1.33 grams of concealer which is really quite generous as that’s a full size colour corrector for some higher-end brands so to get three x 1.33 gram concealers in one for £25 is really good value.

Laura Geller Filter Corrector Colour Perfecting Balm

Each of these swatches are from me circling my fingertip within the pan just twice and then swiped across the back of my hand in one swipe so I hope you can see how intensely pigmented they are for colour correctors. Some colour correctors can be quite pale and insipid on the skin or they’re the complete opposite and are extremely vivid so they’re a nightmare to try and cover up with your skin coloured concealer especially when you’re super pale and your concealers are naturally very pale.

A perfect example of that is the Sleek MakeUP Colour Corrector Palette as the shades are all almost muted neons and I have to use copious amounts of concealer to then conceal the correctors which defeats the whole object of colour correcting as I have to correct the colour correctors.

The Laura Geller Filter Corrector Colour Perfecting Balm has the perfect consistency in that they’re creamy enough to blend into the skin without clinging to any dry areas but they’re not too emollient that they slip and slide on the skin. My preferred method of application for peach shade is a Beauty Blender Mini as it fits nicely under the eyes and the pointed tip gets right into the corner of the eyes to counteract any unwanted darkness.

I always have really dark circles as I rarely sleep but the peach tones is ideal for cancelling out the darkness ready for my concealer which is the NARS Soft Matte Concealer right now. I like to use the illuminating blue shade with my fingertips for more targeted application and I like to use the green shade with my normal Beauty Blender which I use with my foundation to ensure the corrector is fully covered.

I think this Laura Geller Filter Corrector Colour Perfecting Balm might be a little off putting for some as it’s not a balm at all; it’s a trio of excellent colour correcting concealers which are very super effective, easy to apply and they’re totally foolproof once they’re blended in. I’ve never really tried a blue corrector properly before but I love how illuminating it is when applied to any dull areas even more so when set with the matching powder and the green works well over any redness and inflammation.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried the Filter Corrector Colour Perfecting Balm? Do you use colour correctors?

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