Taffy Mail – UK American Sweet Subscription Box

24th October 2017

Taffy Mail - UK American Sweet Subscription Box

I’m really enjoying being able to try and feature non-beauty subscription boxes here on my blog, and today I have another for you which I’d never heard of until recently. I have the Taffy Mail subscription box to show you which is the UK’s first American sweet subscription box which totally had me on board as I have a massive sweet tooth. Taffy Mail have three different subscription options to choose from and you can views past boxes on their website to get an idea of what items feature in their boxes.

The only thing that was different with this box compared to other boxes was that there isn’t a menu card included to give you some insight into some of the items, but all of the packets have their own descriptions on them anyway so it really isn’t a big issue but I might not be able to give you very much info about each individual item, but I’ll try my best. The three subscription options include;

Lite – £7.49 a month and contains 4-5 American sweets.

Classic – £14.99 a month and contains 10-12 American sweets with one can of American soda.

Extra – £24.99 a month and contains upto 20 American sweets, one can of American soda and at least one premium item (Premium items include the likes of Twinkies and other cakes, American cereal, large packs of Oreo’s and other higher priced items.)

I believe I have the ‘Extra’ subscription to show you, so please read on to find out what amazing treats were inside my box. Seeing as it’s October, this is an Halloween themed box which is so much fun and I also have a 10% promo code for you to use should you want to subscribe with GEMETCTM and it’ll get you 10% off your first three months.

Taffy Mail - UK American Sweet Subscription Box

Kicking things off the can of American Soda I got was the Pibb Xtra Spicy Cherry Soda which sounded so strange, but it tastes just like Dr Pepper which is one of my favourite drinks and it’s even nicer than Dr Pepper so I hope I can track it down within the UK. An American classic which got me excited was the Twizzlers Filled Twists which are Caramel Apple flavoured. I’ve heard so much about Twizzlers but I’d never even tried them. This pack contain miniature packs of two which are fab for when you want a small, sugary treat and they’re delicious.

Taffy Mail - UK American Sweet Subscription Box

I then got a full size Pringles in the Ranch flavour which are so good! I wish we had more interesting Pringles flavours here in the UK, and I think these Ranch Pringles would be so popular. I loved having these as a savoury treat within a box of sweet treats, and I’d definitely purchase these if I ever saw them in the UK.

Taffy Mail - UK American Sweet Subscription Box

No American sweet selection would be complete without some Hershey’s and I got the Hershey’s Candy Corn Bar which was one of my favourites from the box. I’m not a big fan of the ordinary Hershey’s but this Candy Corn variety is amazing.

Taffy Mail - UK American Sweet Subscription Box

Next up was a packet of Cauldron Skittles and M&M’s White Candy Corn which were my two favourite items in the box. The flavours of the Cauldron Skittles were so different to the original skittles with pear, grape, tangerine, berry and lemon flavours. The white candy corn M&M’s are the best M&M’s I’ve ever tried and they’re much bigger than the ordinary versions too.

Taffy Mail - UK American Sweet Subscription Box

Then I got the Mrs Freshley’s Frosted Mini Donuts and Beer Nuts Original Peanuts. The donuts packet contains six mini donuts and for a packet donut, they were really nice and rich. I don’t like peanuts so I gave these to Rob and he really liked them, and the sweet and salty coating on them.

Taffy Mail - UK American Sweet Subscription Box

Next up was a sachet of Kool-Aid Strawberry Kiwi which I’ve never tried before, but I’ve heard so much about especially on Pinterest but it’s an artificial flavour which you add to water. There were also two large Blow Pops lollipops two different flavours.

Taffy Mail - UK American Sweet Subscription BoxTaffy Mail - UK American Sweet Subscription Box

I loved the next two items… the Butterfinger Skull Cup which has chocolate on the outside and a crunchy peanut filling, and the Boyer Mallow Cup which is like a Reese’s Cup shape wise, but with a Milky Way whipped centre.

Taffy Mail - UK American Sweet Subscription Box

The next two items were fun mini items; a Gummi Hot Dog which is a fruity jelly shaped like the ingredients you’d get with a hotdog like bread, sausage, salad and sauce which is really cute. Plus a Swedish Fish which is a chewy ‘wine gum candy’ in the shape of a fish.

Taffy Mail - UK American Sweet Subscription Box

There were two chew bars within the box; a Caramel Cow Tales which is vanilla flavoured caramel wrapped around a caramel apple cream centre, and a Laffy Taffy in blue raspberry.

Taffy Mail - UK American Sweet Subscription Box

Onto the last two items within the Taffy Mail box.. the Sour Patch Kids and Lemonhead Berry Awesome Candy. I’ve heard a lot about the Sour Patch Kids but I’d never tried them myself, but they’re a jelly sweet covered in both a sweet and sour sugar, and I really liked them. The Lemonhead Berry Awesome are chewy ‘candies’ in four berry flavours; strawberry, blue raspberry, cherry lemon and red raspberry.

So they are all of the treats in my first ever Taffy Mail. I’d love to know what you think? Do you like American candy? Remember to use my Taffy Mail promo code GEMETCTM for 10% off your first three months…

Taffy Mail - UK American Sweet Subscription Box 1
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