Technic Get Gorgeous Highlighters – Pink Sparkle, 24Ct, Peach Candy

24th October 2017

Technic Get Gorgeous Highlighters - Pink Sparkle, 24Ct, Peach Candy

I featured two of the Technic Get Gorgeous Highlighters on my blog previously in the Original Get Gorgeous shade and the Get Gorgeous Bronze shade. They really are stunning highlighters, especially as they’re only £2.49 each on eBay. My favourite shade is the original as it’s a beautiful, luminous champagne sheen and everyone that bought it on my recommendation has loved it too. I do like the Bronze shade but it’s too dark for my skintone, and that didn’t stop me from buying the three newest shades of the Technic Get Gorgeous Highlighters in Peach Candy, 24Ct Gold and Pink Sparkle as I was dying to see how they’d compare to my other two shades I own.

Technic Get Gorgeous Highlighters Technic Get Gorgeous Highlighters Technic Get Gorgeous HighlightersTechnic Get Gorgeous Highlighters

There’s no denying, the Technic Get Gorgeous Highlighters have the most basic packaging and the lids aren’t the best as they don’t close very tightly with the Peach Candy’s lid not even closing shut but you have to forgive the packaging as they are only £2.50. The powder has a raised wave design which looks extremely similar to the MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighters, and they have the same rough texture within the pan which I guess is because the powder is pressed so hard to create the raised design.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to use these shades as highlighters as they’re pretty bold but I thought I could use them as highlighters and curiosity got the better of me as I’ve never seen such bold budget highlighters. Peach Candy is an orange rather than peach but I think it would look incredible on deep skintones as a blush or highlighter as it is so vivid, as would 24Ct Gold which is a deep golden bronze.

Both Peach Candy and 24Ct Gold are super pigmented, smooth and free from glitter or obnoxious shimmer particles and look so pretty on the skin. Pink Sparkle however is a total disaster. I assure you I scraped the surface of Pink Sparkle to do the swatch above but it’s literally just glitter and no colour whatsoever which is a massive disappointment, so I’d recommend skipping Pink Sparkle entirely. I really hope Technic continue to introduce more shades as they’re such pretty highlighters ignoring the disaster that is Pink Sparkle.

Have you ever tried the Technic Get Gorgeous Highlighters?

Technic Get Gorgeous Highlighters - Pink Sparkle, 24Ct, Peach Candy 1
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