Bleach London Contour-Nuity Contour Powder

21st November 2017

Bleach London Contour-Nuity Contour Powder

Bleach London was such a buzzed about haircare brand around two years ago when their hair colours launched into Boots and practically everyone with fair hair was trying them. I have naturally very dark brunette hair so I’ve never been able to try their hair colours, but they have just launched a pretty extensive makeup and haircare collection which has launched onto Cult Beauty. I wasn’t sure what to try from the brand first so I decided upon one makeup product and one haircare product, and I have the Bleach London Contour-Nuity Contour Powder to show you today.

Bleach London Contour-Nuity Contour Powder

The Bleach London Contour-Nuity Contour Powder is available in a total of six different shades and is just £4.50 for 6 grams of product which is amazing value when you consider the Makeup Geek Contour pans are 4.25 grams each. I don’t love the lack of names for the shades as they are all just called Bones and a number, so Bones 1, Bones 2, Bones 3 etc which doesn’t help describe the individual shades, especially when you’re buying online as how can you possibly know which shade you need when there are no swatches on the Bleach London website. I took a chance and bought Bones 1 as I’m ridiculously pale so I assumed the palest shade would suffice but sadly it doesn’t..

Bleach London Contour-Nuity Contour Powder

The packaging for the Bleach London makeup pan products is made from recycled cardboard which I like, but it’s very no frills packaging which you’ll either love or hate and you have to slot the pans into a magnetised palette. I appreciate that the contour pans are rectangular as they fit better within a Z Palette than circular pans, but the Bleach London Eyeshadows are circular.

Superbly subtle, long-lasting and effortlessly even, BLEACH London’s contour powder is exactly what you need to achieve continuity and sculpting success. Blending beautifully into skin for a seamless, ‘your skin but better’ matte finish, the powder comes in six versatile, face-flattering shades, all of which slot perfectly into the brand’s über-cool (and eco-friendly) Build Your Own Palettes.

Bleach London Contour-Nuity Contour Powder

I had such high hopes for the Bleach London Contour-Nuity Contour Powder but Bones 1 just isn’t a contour powder, it’s too pale and too warm and I could actually use it to set my foundation as it’s my skin colour. I have done 10 swipes of the powder for the swatch above and you can barely see it, and I’ve swatched it alongside the Makeup Geek Break Up Contour Powder which is just two swipes.

Break Up is a pale skin friendly contour, but Bones 1 just doesn’t work and I don’t think it’d work for anyone if I’m completely honest. The texture feels nice enough and it’s blendable but unfortunately it’s a miss for me, but I hope they include swatches on their website soon to make shade selection a little easier as it’s like stabbing in the dark trying to find the right shade from the six. I can however confirm I love my Bleach London haircare product, so I’ll be sure to share it very soon….

I’d love to know what you think of the Bleach London makeup range?

Bleach London Contour-Nuity Contour Powder 1
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