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ELF Silicone Blenders Review

ELF Silicone Blenders

The whole silicone blender trend appears to be dividing the beauty community right now, with some absolutely love them whilst some like myself really don’t understand the hype. I’ve tried a few different silicone blenders from different brands and I’m yet to find one I enjoy using, but I’m happy to try new blenders incase I do discover one I love. ELF kindly sent me a few of the ELF Silicone Blenders which I didn’t have the highest of hopes for, but I was still up for trying them. I have two of the ELF Silicone Blenders sets; the ELF Silicone Blender Highlighting Sponge Duo £12.50 and the ELF Glitter Silicone Blending Duo £9.

ELF Silicone Blenders ELF Silicone Blenders ELF Silicone Blenders

This duo includes a silicone sponge to flawlessly apply makeup and a precision sponge for highlighting and concealing. The smooth silicone sponge applies product for a flawless look with minimum product waste and better hygiene. The multi-sided sculpting sponge has angled sides for illuminating highlighting, and rounded sides for flawless blending.

I’ve never seen a silicone blender set designed for highlighting before, nor have I seen glittery silicone blenders or beauty sponges. This set includes a beauty sponge which is the same shape as the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, with a slanted edge and a tear drop design. It is made from black sponge which is extremely soft but the sponge contains lots of silver glitter particles. When I first opened the box and saw the glitter within the sponge, I really didn’t want to touch it as I assumed I’d be covered in glitter from doing so however the glitter doesn’t transfer whatsoever.

I’m not entirely sure why the glitter exists within the sponge as it doesn’t serve any purpose but I suppose it makes it stand out amongst your over beauty sponges but as far as sponges go, it’s great quality and I’d really recommend it. The glittery silicone blender? I’m not sure. I don’t know why there’s glitter inside the silicone but it’s OK, and in my opinion is best used to apply face masks as it doesn’t blend foundation into the skin like a sponge does but it’s fun to try new trends as you never know what you’re going to discover and fall in love with.

ELF Silicone Blenders ELF Silicone Blenders ELF Silicone Blenders

Put an end to product waste by applying skincare and makeup with our expert silicone sponges. These silicone sponges are designed to apply and blend skincare and makeup without absorbing a single drop of product!

The smooth silicone surfaces ensure a flawless finish while using less product as product is not absorbed by the applicator! The larger blender is best for broader areas – perfect for applying skincare, primers and liquid foundation. The smaller blender works well for targeted makeup application like concealer.

This ELF silicone blenders set contains two different sizes of blender, one which is the same size as the sponge/blender kit with a small plastic loop on the back to slot your fingers inside during application. The large blender is pretty huge and could cover your whole cheek so it could apply your base products very quickly if you like using silicone blenders to apply your makeup. It’s all going to be down to preference and if you enjoy using silicone blenders. I don’t like them for the application of makeup unfortunately, as I don’t find that they blend makeup in but they’re a good way to apply masks without using your fingers and they’re easy to clean too.

I would love to know your stance on silicone blenders?! Love them or loathe them?

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