Essence Correct to Perfect CC Concealer Palette

8th November 2017

Essence Correct to Perfect CC Concealer Palette

As part of the Essence Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection, Essence launched two products within the Correct to Perfect range which are targeted towards colour correcting. There is the Essence Correct to Perfect CC Multi Benefit Pearls which are Guerlain Meteorites style powder pearls in colour correcting shades to neutralise, lighten, conceal and brighten the skin. In addition to the powder pearls they’ve launched the Essence Correct to Perfect CC Concealer Palette £3.50 which consists of four colour correcting concealers inside a plastic, circular compact with a clear lid.

Essence Correct to Perfect CC Concealer Palette

The Essence Correct to Perfect CC Concealer Palette contains four different concealers, each designed to target different skin concerns. The Peach shade is designed to neutralise dark shadows on fair skin, Lavender is designed to balance sallowness of the skin, Yellow is for neutralising dark shadows in darker skintones and the Green is for neutralising redness. I’ve tried a lot of different colour correcting concealers but they’re all typically pastel shades but this palette contains bolder, deeper shades which I wasn’t sure would work for my pale skintone.

Essence Correct to Perfect CC Concealer Palette

The concealers are all decently pigmented with yellow being the least pigmented in the quad, but it doesn’t bother me as I certainly don’t have a ‘darker’ skintone so it’s not a shade I have a use for. The Peach and Green are especially pigmented; so much so, I was convinced I’d made a massive mistake after using them as I had noticeable orange and green patches on my face prior to applying my foundation and concealer.

I like to use a blending sponge to apply them to make them a little more muted as they are quite intense for my pale skin. After applying them with my blending sponge, I then like to go in and apply a light layer of concealer over the top to try disguise the colour correcting concealers, and then apply my foundation.

The green shade works well to minimise any redness with blemishes whilst the peach works wonders on any under-eye darkness. I like to use the lilac shades over the top of acne scarring to try as it really helps to minimise any hyper-pigmentation.

I think this quad is brilliant for £3.50 even though I don’t have a use for the yellow shade as the other three are very effective. They’re pigmented and creamy, and they blend into the skin without feeling greasy or oily like some concealer palettes can and I now need to try the pearls as I’m enjoying the concealers so much.

Have you tried the Essence Correct to Perfect CC Concealer Palette before?

Essence Correct to Perfect CC Concealer Palette 1
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