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Fashion Wishlist November 2017

Fashion Wishlist November 2017

I haven’t done a fashion based wishlist in such a long time but there are so many items I’m lusting after right now. I’ll never be a fashion blogger as I have zero fashion sense or style, but I love anything sparkly, knitted or embroidered so these Fashion Wishlist items I’ve got bookmarked for Black Friday incase the retailers have discount codes. I’d love to know if there’s anything on your wishlist right now? I am planning on doing a Black Friday sales round up post if I get enough time as it’s such a crazy weekend but hopefully all of the following retailers have decent discounts…

Fashion Wishlist November 2017

Black Flower Tassel Earrings – If you follow any fashion bloggers on social media, I guarantee you’ll have seen tassel earrings everywhere. I don’t know how I feel about them to be completely honest as they do look a little Pat Butcher for my liking, but these are only £8.99 so it’s not a massive waste of money if I look in the mirror and think I look ridiculous, and I’m thinking they’d look stunning with a burgundy prom dress.

Fluffy Pearl Jumper – Pearl covered jumpers are another item which is heavily featured all over Instagram right now and I really want one. This one is from Boohoo and is available in black and grey with different sized pearls over the front. I think it’s a more sophisticated version of a festive jumper if you don’t fact a cheesy pun blazoned across the front. I think a pearl covered jumper would be a good Christmas gift idea too as they’re so on trend and easy to style.

SkinnyDip London Future Cross Body Bag – I love the SkinnyDip bags so I’m always checking their new in section to see which new designs they’ve got. This round, cross body bag is holographic with glitter on the front and I love it. I don’t own any round handbags either so obviously I need to fill that void.. *cough*

Oversized Embroidered Denim Shirt – I really like the embroidered trend and I have a couple of embroidered shirts already, but this denim shirt from Boohoo looks so cute and I like the distressed detailing. It looks so comfortable to wear and it’s only £22 which I don’t think is too bad for an embroidered shirt.

Patchwork Sequin Clutch – I both love and hate this bag but I can’t decide if I need it. It’s ridiculously gaudy and busy with the multicoloured sequins of different sizes and textures but it looks like it would be amazing for an all black outfit to add a little colour. The only downside is it’d be seriously scratchy which I’ve found with other sequin covered items so I don’t know if I’d find the scratchiness to be too annoying and it’s not the kind of bag I’d use on a daily basis as it’s a bit bold.

SkinnyDip Ice Queen Case – I have over 10 SkinnyDip phone cases and I always like to add new ones to my collection. This case looks beautiful sparkly little crystals all over it which look like they’d really catch the light, and I’m always drawn to anything sparkly.

Chandelier Earrings – I may have already bought these earrings so I’m cheating a little by including them, but I think they’re the perfect party season earrings. They’re even more sparkly than they look on the website and they’re not too heavy either, I cannot recommend them enough if you love sparkly statement earrings.

Grey Cobweb Knit Scarf – This is probably the most boring item within my fashion wishlist but it looks like a really soft and long scarf. I like scarfs which aren’t too chunky but are long enough to wrap around the neck a few times. I think £22 is quite a lot for such a plain scarf but it would go with any outfit.

Faux Fur Pom Hat – I didn’t like the whole pom hat trend last winter especially as some stores were found to be using real animal fur for their pom’s, but this is definitely a faux fur option and the berry colour looks amazing for Autumn and Winter and I definitely need it in my collection.

I would love to know your thoughts on this selection of items in my Fashion Wishlist? Which is your favourite?

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