Makeup Revolution Pearl Lights Loose Highlighter

20th November 2017

When Makeup Revolution launched a range of five loose highlighters, I knew I needed to try one as I don’t own any loose highlighters in my collection. I own a lot of highlighters as they’re one of my favourite beauty products, and I have one of my drawers within my nine drawer Ikea Alex dedicated to just highlighters so I was surprised that I didn’t have any loose highlighters. The Makeup Revolution Pearl Lights Loose Highlighters are £5 each from TAM Beauty and Superdrug and I decided upon the lightest shades; the Makeup Revolution Pearl Lights Loose Highlighter in True Gold.

Makeup Revolution Pearl Lights Loose Highlighter

I’m not entirely sure why but the five different shades have different weights with the True Gold shade having 42 grams of product whilst Sunset Gold, Savanna Nights and Candy Glow only contain 25 grams. The photos on the TAM Beauty website are misleading as they show the pots to contain 42 grams each but they don’t, only True Gold and Peach Champagne Glow contains 42 grams.

Makeup Revolution Pearl Lights Loose Highlighter

I really want to know why the weight differs so considerably as that’s almost half the weight, yet they’re the same price?! It doesn’t seem very fair, but luckily for me the shade I have has the 42g size. Maybe it’s down to the cost of the ingredients within the deeper shades but I’ve never seen a brand offer different weights within a shade range before.

Makeup Revolution Pearl Lights Loose Highlighter

The Makeup Revolution Pearl Lights Loose Highlighter is packaged within a plastic pot with small sifter holes which are shaped into a star, and I love it when drugstore brands make an effort with attention to little details like that. The lid unscrews but there’s no lid over the top of the sifter so you have to store it standing up or it’ll make a mess within the lid so I cut out a circular piece from a cotton wool pad to place over the sifter to try and minimise mess.

Howerver this is not the kind of highlighter you’d want to travel with as the powder does spill from under the lid. I wouldn’t want to take a loose highlighter when travelling anyway as a pressed highlighter is a lot more convenient, and if you like the shade of the True Gold Loose Highlighter, their Ice Kiss Highlighter is almost identical in a pressed format.

Makeup Revolution Pearl Lights Loose Highlighter

Ignoring the differing bottle size issues, the Makeup Revolution Pearl Lights Loose Highlighter is an amazing highlighter for £5. I’d watched a couple of YouTube videos on the highlighters before trying mine and they said it needs to be built up but I don’t find that to be the case at all for True Gold.

I only need a tiny amount so I like to tip a very small amount on the back of my hand and then use a fan brush to lightly dust it across the top of my cheekbones and it imparts a beautiful, light gold glow to the skin.

This highlighter has definitely made me want to try more loose highlighters as I love the effect and I like that you can add loose highlighters to a product like MAC Fix+ to create a luminous face mist which is definitely something I’m going to try.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried any loose highlighters before?

Makeup Revolution Pearl Lights Loose Highlighter 1
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