Scunci Hair Accessories

19th November 2017

Scunci Hair Accessories

Scunci are an hair accessory brand which can be found in the likes of Boots or Primark, and I’ve used their Cashmere Hair Elastics for a few years yet I’ve never tried anything else from the brand. I have waist long hair which I always tend to wear in some sort of updo as it becomes incredibly knotty otherwise so I’m always on the hunt for clips and grips which helps secure my style. Scunci kindly gave me a trio of their products to try, but I had no idea they had so many Scunci Hair Accessories to choose from for every hair type, hair length and hair colour.

Scunci Hair Accessories

Scunci Hair Accessories Scunci Hair Accessories

Scunci Fast Dry Paddle Brush

I can’t believe this paddle brush is only £4, I expected it to be nearer £10 for a paddle brush of this size. I’ve tried a fair few paddle brushes over the years, but never one that looks like this. It has the typical squared design, with a long handle but there’s no cushioned section on the base. Instead there are lots of little flower shaped vents which allow for “50% more airflow” as your hairdryer can blow through the brush which is such a genius idea, and I’m surprised that there aren’t more paddle brushes in this design.

The brush is very lightweight thanks to the aerated design, and the handle has a thumb grip for comfort during blowdrying. I’ve become so used to using my Wet Brush, I wasn’t sure I’d like this brush but it’s a great brush which detangles effectively and absolutely does quicken the blow dry time.

Scunci Hair Accessories Scunci Hair Accessories

Scunci Detangle Ceramic Mini Brush

This is a mini ceramic hairbrush which claims to detangle both wet or dry hair, and is perfect for throwing in your handbag for on the go detangling. It’s a pretty basic brush, but it’s effective nonetheless and the bristles are firm enough that they don’t bend and become damaged within my bag which is a bonus.

Scunci Hair Accessories Scunci Hair Accessories Scunci Hair Accessories

Scunci No Slip Grip Clips

This is an eight pack of both black and brown mini jaw hairclips. I swear by using mini clips like these for when I want to clip back my layers, and these really intrigued me. Inside each of the clips, on both sides there are lots of tiny little ‘teeth’ which help to grip the hair within the grips.

I’ve never had clips with teeth before but these are amazing as they don’t slip from the hair which always drives me mad when using clips on freshly washed hair. The teeth grip the hair and stay in place, and they don’t leave indentations in the hair either.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried any Scunci Hair Accessories before?

Scunci Hair Accessories 1
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