Bleach London Leave It Yeah Double Trouble Leave In Conditioner

I have to start this post by admitting that this is infact a negative review of the Bleach London Leave It Yeah Double Trouble Leave In Conditioner. There’s always such a split opinion on whether bloggers should write negative reviews on their blog. Some believe they should only feature positive posts on their blogs, but in my opinion I can’t trust a blogger that only ever writes positive posts as you need to know what they don’t like regardless of whether it’s a PR sample or not. Obviously nobody is going to write a negative review for the fun of it, but if something disappoints you I feel your readers deserve to know so they can decide whether they want to skip the product or not. I always Google reviews before making beauty purchases, so I really do feel balanced reviews are more helpful than posts just praising everything about a product.

Bleach London Leave It Yeah Double Trouble Leave In Conditioner

I’m always 100% honest in every single post I write, and I’d rather be chucked off of a PR list for being honest (which has happened twice to me so far with big very well known brands) than to only post positive reviews as I’m worried I’ll no longer receive PR samples. I’m sorry to start this post on a negative but it’s something I’m very passionate about and I want my readers to know they’re always going to get a truly honest opinion on a product as integrity means more to me than ‘free’ lip tints.

Bleach London are a London based hair salon that specialise in hair colour, and they launched their own range of hair dyes into Boots two years ago. Following the success of the hair dyes, they’ve now extended their range to introduce makeup products as well as haircare products which are now available from Superdrug and Cult Beauty and the range is very affordable. I have already featured the Bleach London Contour-Nuity Powder on my blog and it’s not a great product in my opinion, nor is the Bleach London Leave It Yeah Double Trouble Leave In Conditioner sadly, but I do have the Bleach London Swap Spritz too which I really do like so all is not lost.

Bleach London Leave It Yeah Double Trouble Leave In Conditioner

The Bleach London Leave It Yeah Double Trouble Leave In Conditioner 200ml £5.99 is described as being a “super hydrating double layered conditioning spray for all hair types. It doesn’t matter how matted your mop is: Spray to unmangle, gloss and detangle.” It has a bi-phase formula which needs to be shaken thoroughly before use to mix the two parts together, and it can be sprayed onto wet or dry hair to detangle and condition the hair.

Bleach London Leave It Yeah Double Trouble Leave In Conditioner

The spray has a very strong scent which smells identical to Clinique Happy for Men which is such a strange scent for an haircare product and although I don’t believe there’s any alcohol within the ingredients list, it smells strongly of alcohol. The conditioner feels so soapy when used in wet or dry hair, even when I use only a small amount which is so frustrating especially when you want a leave in conditioner you can use in freshly washed hair as I end up having to rewash my hair.

When used in dry hair, it made my hair stick together which I’ve never experienced before with a detangler as it made my hair more tangled which defeats the whole object. I don’t find the spray to offer any conditioning benefits to my hair, nor does it detangle but it makes my hair look and feel horrible. I’ve tried so many different detangler sprays over the years as I have super knotty hair but this is the worst detangler I’ve tried. It really is awful and I wish I could say something positive about it as I spent £5.99 on it but it’s such a disappointment.

I would love to know if you’ve tried anything from Bleach London before? Have you tried any of the Bleach London haircare range?


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