Caolion Pore Triple Action Cleansing Stick

Caolion Pore Triple Action Cleansing Stick

I really love Cult Beauty for whenever I fancy a beauty splurge as I always end up discovering brands and products I’ve never tried or heard of. Caolion was created to fill a gap within the beauty market, and are a Korean beauty brand which creates hypoallergenic cosmetics which suit sensitive skin. Caolion was among the first brands in South Korea to come out with products that do not contain colour, fragrance or alcohol. Now, all of its products are also hypo-allergenic and strictly manufactured to be free of irritating ingredients including parabens, dyes and mineral oils. I have never tried anything from Caolion before but I’ve read rave reviews on their Hot and Cool Pore Packs, so I was excited to try the Caolion Pore Triple Action Cleansing Stick as I’ve never used a cleansing stick before.

Caolion Pore Triple Action Cleansing Stick Caolion Pore Triple Action Cleansing Stick

I had no idea that cleansing sticks were even a thing, but from doing a little research it would appear I’ve been living under a rock as lots of brands are now creating their own interpretation of a cleansing stick from Urban Decay through to Boscia. The Caolion Pore Triple Action Cleansing Stick £23 is available in two kinds; Charcoal (famed for its oil-absorbing powers works to balance complexions whilst combatting excess sebum) and Green Tea (a renowned antioxidant offers anti-ageing, non-irritating and redness-reducing benefits), and I have the Charcoal Cleansing Stick.

Caolion’s Pore Triple Action Cleansing Stick will change the way you wash your face forever – it starts life as a balm, before melting into an oil upon contact with skin and transforming to a rich foam when water is introduced. This three-in-one action delivers unbeatably deep cleansing, removing make up residue and impurities while penetrating pores to unclog them and minimise their appearance.

Caolion Pore Triple Action Cleansing Stick

Before trying the Caolion Pore Triple Action Cleansing Stick, I really was sceptical how a solid stick could go from a balm to an oil to a foam to remove all of your makeup and impurities of the skin but it really does work. The stick is a solid balm which you glide over dry skin, and then use your hands to massage the balm into the skin to transform the balm into an oil. I like to glide the stick over my forehead, cheeks, nose, eyebrows and chin and then use my fingertips to spread the balm over my eyes, lips and entire face. The stick is relatively hard and with only a couple of swipes needed per use, I bet this stick will last forever due it transforming into an oil and foam. This would be so perfect for travel as you don’t have to worry about leakages, and it’s a relatively compact stick.

Once I’ve massaged the balm/oil into my skin and created massive panda eyes from my melted eye makeup, I then dampen my hands with warm water and massage the skin which then makes a light, milky and foamy lather which I rinse off with a hot face cloth to remove the remnants of my makeup and the cleanser. I thought the whole balm to oil to foam concept would be a long winded process but it takes a matter of minutes and I like that you get the nourishment of using a cleansing oil but the thorough cleanse from a foam. It such an easy product to use as you literally swipe the stick over dry skin, and use your fingertips to work it into the skin and it’s very effective at cleansing the skin. This Charcoal version is a little too clarifying for my dry/dehydrated skin, but it’s nothing a generous dose of serum can’t sort. The Green Tea version sounds like a gentler option for more sensitive skin but overall, my very first cleansing stick experience has been a positive one and I’d love to try more.

I would love to know if you’ve ever tried a cleansing stick before? Have you ever tried anything from Caolion?


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