Kai Rose Perfume Oil

Kai Rose Perfume Oil

Kai is a brand I’d never even heard of until recently, and after doing a little research into the brand, it’s definitely a brand I wish I’d tried sooner. Kai products are available from Cult Beauty and was founded by Gaya Straza after holidaying in Hawaii as she wanted to capture an olfactory snap-shot of the tropical island and use it to create a perfume, then bath and body range. Kai has a pretty extensive fan base with a-listers such as Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Tyra Banks, Missy Eliot, Charlize Theron and Reese Witherspoon. I have the Kai Rose Perfume Oil which is £40 for 3.6ml which made me eye roll a little when I saw the price as it’s such a tiny bottle, but after trying it myself I can vouch for its potency as you barely need to touch the skin.

Kai Rose Perfume Oil

Infusing a soft rose scent into the original Kai formula (a clean, fresh balance of exotic white flowers and cucumber essential oils), this ultra-covetable perfume oil glides on to leave a subtly floral, feminine fragrance. Kai is one of the most sought-after fragrance brands by those in-the-know. 

Glide on Kai’s exquisite Rose Perfume Oil and you’ll be instantly transported to a fresh, heavenly-scented English country garden in early summer. The intoxicating perfume is made with essential oils and includes a blend of gardenia wrapped in exotic white blooms (think jasmine, lily and tuberose) and layered with rose absolute for a fresh yet feminine aroma. Housed in a glass vial with an easy-to-use roll-on applicator, you can carry this heaven-sent scent conveniently and apply it in a discreet flash of floral fragrance.

Kai Rose Perfume Oil

The Kai Rose Perfume Oil is very simply packaged within a clear glass bottle with a rollerball applicator. Although it’s simple, it’s a great size for travel or your handbag so you don’t have to carry around your perfume bottle in your bag. I have to admit, I really don’t like rose scents which can be problematic as so many skincare and bodycare products are rose scented. Considering how much I dislike rose, I never imagined I would like a rose perfume, but this scent is incredible. To me, the Kai Rose Perfume Oil smells very similar to Tom Ford Black Orchid and I don’t know how as the notes aren’t even similar but the Kai Rose fragrance smells like a more sophisticated, fresher version of Black Orchid and I love it. Black Orchid is a stunning scent but for me it’s a little too overpowering whilst this scent is a fresher alternative.

The first time I tried the oil, I rolled the rollerball over my wrist quite liberally which I quickly realised was way, way too much as it’s very potent. You only need do roll the rollerball about half an inch on each wrist, but you could get away with using even less as it’s a strongly scented oil. Even if I just apply the oil to my wrists, I can smell it throughout the day and although it does fade during the day, it’s still noticeable six hours later. It’s a really special and luxurious fragrance, and one I’d never have thought of trying because of the rose but I’m so glad I did as it’s so beautiful.

Have you ever tried one of the Kai fragrances before?


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