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Makeup Revolution VIP Life On The Dancefloor Lipsticks

I seriously haven’t been able to keep up with all of the new Makeup Revolution launches during 2017. This has to be their best year yet in terms of new launches, and I’ve been so impressed with everything I’ve tried from June onwards. One of the newest Makeup Revolution collections is the Life on the Dancefloor collection which is unique as it consists of four 24 pan eyeshadow palettes, and each of the four palettes has three complimentary lipstick shades for the palette. I think this is such a genius idea and whilst you can obviously rock whatever lip colour you want with whatever eyeshadow look, it’s still a fun and unique concept and one I hope they’ll continue to do going forward. I bought the three neutral palettes within the Life on the Dancefloor collection, as well as the Makeup Revolution VIP Life On The Dancefloor Lipsticks as I love a nude lip and all three shades are stunning nude shades.

Makeup Revolution VIP Life On The Dancefloor Lipsticks

When it comes to makeup, the aesthetics of the packaging really isn’t important as it’s the formula inside which counts however the packaging on the Makeup Revolution VIP Life On The Dancefloor Lipsticks is the prettiest I’ve seen for a drugstore lipstick collection.

Makeup Revolution VIP Life On The Dancefloor Lipsticks

Each of the lipsticks are £3 each, and the VIP collection are packaged within beautiful gold glittery casing which is super sleek and smooth which surprised me as the glitter looks as if it would be textured but it’s not at all. The lipsticks each have a small clear section on the base to indicate the shade inside and the bases do not come off like they do with the Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipsticks.

Makeup Revolution VIP Life On The Dancefloor Lipsticks

The three shades within the Makeup Revolution VIP Life On The Dancefloor Lipsticks collection are Exclusive, Invite Only and Elite, and I do find that the shades translate a little lighter in tone on the lips than they look within the bullets. Exclusive is a warm brown toned nude, Invite Only is a pale peachy nude whilst Elite is a mauvey pink nude shade.

I always like to keep it honest, so I have to admit I’ve not loved the Makeup Revolution lipsticks so far. They do an amazing job with liquid lipsticks but conventional bullet style lipsticks just haven’t been great… until now. I have been blown away by the quality of these lipsticks, and I genuinely cannot believe they’re £3 each.

They’re soft and creamy, with no waxiness like some budget lipsticks can have. They have a formula akin to a MAC Cremesheen Lipstick where they’re easy to apply, they lightweight and comfortable on the lips and they’re forgiving on any dryness you may be experiencing. They have a subtle vanilla scent like the majority of the Makeup Revolution lipstick range, and they last for around two to three hours on my lips which is the same weartime I’d get from a MAC Cremesheen Lipstick except they’re £16.50 and these are £3 with prettier packaging.

I like that all three shades are very different from eachother, and that they’re not the typical nude shades which brands launch over and over again. I never expected the formula of these lipsticks to be as good as it is, and it’s not a statement I’ll make lightly but this particular formula is genuinely on par with the more higher end brands. I really would love to see different finishes launched into each of four collections, with possibly a matte or satin finish but I love all three of these lipsticks, and I cannot recommend them enough.

I would love to know your thoughts on the new Makeup Revolution VIP Life On The Dancefloor Lipsticks?

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