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Scunci Hair

Scunci Hair

I tried my very first Scunci products a couple of months ago, and featured them here but they’re a great budget hair accessory brand which can be found in Boots and select Primark stores. After enjoying my first Scunci haircare products, I was very kindly sent a selection of more products from the range so I thought I’d share them with you. I’m really not very adventurous when it comes to styling my hair so I need all the help I can get, and I like that everything is under £10 so it’s a great way to be able to something new.

Scunci Hair

Scunci Blow Dry Barrel Brush

I usually always use a paddle brush when drying my hair as it’s so long and thick, I find them easier to blow dry my hair and I haven’t tried a barrel brush in my hair in years. This is a vented barrel brush with a rubberised barrel which helps to grip the hair when trying to roll your hair around it.

I didn’t like how with normal barrel brushes, clean shiny hair would just slip off the brush but the rubberised barrel makes it a lot easier for the hair to grip around the brush. The vents also help when blowdrying as the air can penetrate the hair whilst you’re brushing, and the barrel helps to add body and volume to the hair.

Scunci Hair

Scunci No Slip Grips

I already have some mini versions of these clips and I really like them so I’m pleased to have some larger sized ones for pinning back larger pieces of hair. These have an almost grey tortoiseshell design, and they have the same little teeth inside so they really grab the hair. I have liked using these for pinning back the front section of my hair for the days where I really cannot be bothered to style my hair and they don’t slide out nor does my hair fall out so I’d definitely get some more of this larger size version of the no slip grips.

Scunci Hair

Scunci Soft Curlers Body and Bounce

This is a pack of 18 strange little black diamond shaped curlers which are covered in a super soft fabric, with a rectangle of foam inside and a wire either side which can be moulded to grip the hair. They’re very soft and flexible and you simply use them in damp or dry hair to wrap your around to create voluminous curls, and are a gentler alternative to firm and uncomfortable hair rollers as you can wear these whilst you sleep.

I think 18 is a good amount to have too, as you can use smaller pieces of hair for more defined curls and larger pieces of hair for more of a wave effect. I can’t wait to try these along my crown to add volume, but I’m tempted to buy another pack as my hair is so long I think I may need more than the 18 in this pack.

Scunci Hair

Scunci Hair Fishtail Braider

I am embarrassed to admit, I have no idea how to do a fishtail braid. I can do plaits absolutely no problem but I’m not the most coordinated so regardless of how many fishtail braid tutorials I’ve tried to follow on Pinterest, I just can’t master it so this is right up my street. It’s an handy little kit which includes a stretchy hair bobble, pearl hair decorations and the fishtail braider tool. I haven’t tried this yet but the instructions only have four steps so I’m really hoping I can do it as I love how pretty they look, especially for the Summer.

Scunci Hair

Scunci Hair Easy Plait

As I mentioned above, I can do plaits no problem but they’re not always the neatest so this tool sounds so handy, and the type of tool you don’t think you need but once you’ve tried it, you’ll never look back. It’s just a one item product which looks like a pink plastic monster much, with foam in between the ‘fingers’ of the tool.

I tried this one a few days ago with a sceptical view that I didn’t need to use one, but it really does make the plait process a little easier, and you can use it as close to your scalp as you want. The box also includes instructions on how to convert the plait into a french plait which I’ll be trying very soon as I’ve never been able to master the french plait either; what can I say?! I’m rubbish when it comes to styling my hair, but these Scunci hair tools and accessories make it a little easier.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of these before? Do you know to do a fishtail braid?

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