£6 AliExpress 10 Piece Marble Makeup Brush Set

I have an AliExpress addiction and I’m not even ashamed. I know some people sneer at AliExpress and think everything is cheap, tacky and/or fake but I’ve found some fantastic products over the last couple of years. Obviously you do end up with the odd disappointing product which might not be the best quality, but when the prices are so affordable I think it’s worth taking the risk if you really like the look of something. I really wouldn’t recommend buying fake makeup on AliExpress as you just don’t know what you’re buying, but my favourite things to purchase on AliExpress is makeup brushes, phone cases and statement jewellery.

I’m going to try and do posts on some of the best AliExpress purchases I’ve made as I find eBay/AliExpress wishlists to be great in theory, but they’re not particularly helpful if you want to know if the products are worth your money. I know myself I’ve purchased products from a blogger’s wishlist before, only to be disappointed when it arrived and was awful so I hope by doing posts on products I’ve purchased myself, and used over a period of a few weeks hopefully I’ll be able to tell you if it’s worth buying or not.

£6 AliExpress 10 Piece Marble Makeup Brush Set

The best product I’ve found on AliExpress is this amazing Marble Makeup Brush Set which contains ten different makeup brushes and costs only £5.82. When I saw the pictures of the brush set on the app, I assumed the quality would be rubbish but for £6 I knew I had to order them to see if I was right and I just can’t believe they’re only £5.82. I bought my Marble Makeup Brush Set from this AliExpress seller here, so I can personally vouch for this seller and listing as this was the link I bought mine through.

I know there are a lot of marble brushes all over AliExpress, but this particular seller has 98% positive feedback and has been opened three years so I knew they were a trustworthy seller to buy from. The postage cost 72p, and normally I’d try and find a free postage listing but the 72p gives you registered postage via China Post so you can track where your package is, and this listing for this brush set has been rated 515 times and they have a score of 4.8 which shows how fantastic these brushes really are.

£6 AliExpress 10 Piece Marble Makeup Brush Set£6 AliExpress 10 Piece Marble Makeup Brush Set£6 AliExpress 10 Piece Marble Makeup Brush Set£6 AliExpress 10 Piece Marble Makeup Brush Set

The Marble makeup brush set consists of ten full size brushes, with five face brushes and five eye brushes. The handles all have a pretty marble print design as well as having rose gold ferrules making them oh so Instagram worthy. I’m not into the whole props thing with photos, but if I was, these brushes would probably feature in every photo as I love them and they work out at being just 58 pence per brush which is crazy. This seller I bought mine from also offers the brushes in a mixed eye/face set of five brushes for £4.02 and a seven piece mixed face/eye set for £4.67 but I think ten for £5.82 is such amazing value.

The brushes included within my 10 piece marble makeup brush set are; powder brush, foundation blending brush, contour brush, stippling brush, flat top brush, eyeshadow brush, blending brush, concealer brush, eyebrow/eyeliner brush and small rounded blending brush.

The bristles are very soft and smooth, and are 100% synthetic. The handles are solid plastic too, and not the hollow handles you can get with some makeup brushes so they feel nice in the hand whilst using them. I’ve had my set since August now, and I use at least one of the brushes every single day and even with frequent washing, I’ve not had any shedding whatsoever so they really are very well made and I cannot recommend them enough. I don’t think this set is trying to dupe anyone, but another brush brand charge £45 for a set of nine marble brushes. I have some more AliExpress makeup brush sets to show you over the coming weeks, but this is definitely my favourite makeup brush set I’ve bought and I couldn’t be happier with it.

I would love to know if you’re an AliExpress fan too?

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