Makeup Revolution Chocolate Elixir Palette Vs. W7 Delicious Palette – DUPE WARS!

Makeup Revolution Chocolate Elixir Palette Vs. W7 Delicious Palette - DUPE WARS! Review and Comparison Swatches

Dupes are a love them or loathe them situation, and they feature in the fashion world and beauty world where more budget friendly brands try to mimic the styles/shades of higher end products. It’s been happening within the fashion world for a very long time, but the beauty dupe issue is somehow a little more controversial for some. I myself think Makeup Revolution do some of the best beauty dupes, but I do like to try ‘dupes’ from other brands such as W7 to see how they compare. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette is a beauty of a palette, and is one I bought myself but I ended up passing it on as I didn’t use it enough to warrant a £42 palette sitting unloved in my many palette drawers.

Both Makeup Revolution I Heart Revolution and W7 have launched their own Modern Renaissance dupe and I decided I wanted to purchase them both and see which is the better palette?! Both of the palettes; the Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Chocolate Elixir Palette and the W7 Delicious Palette are budget friendly as they’re both under £13, but they’re actually pretty different so I’m going to break it down on everything from the packaging to the swatches, from the applicator to the longevity to show which is the best palette for the money.

Makeup Revolution Chocolate Elixir Palette Vs. W7 Delicious Palette - DUPE WARS! Review and Comparison Swatches

Price and Availability

The Makeup Revolution Chocolate Elixir Palette is £8.99 and contains sixteen powder eyeshadows with a total weight of 21.96 grams working out at 1.22 grams per shadow (and 2.44 grams for the two larger eyeshadow pans). Makeup Revolution products can be purchased from the majority of Superdrug stores as well as the Superdrug website, and Superdrug offer free delivery on orders over £10 if you own the free Superdrug Health & Beauty loyalty card or is free on orders over £15 for non members.

You can also purchase directly from the TAM Beauty website where you’ll find all of the TAM Beauty brands and delivery is only free on orders over £30. Although the free delivery threshold is considerably higher when purchasing through TAM Beauty, they always have the newest releases on the website first so it’s a good way to be able to get hold of them before they eventually reach Superdrug stores.

The W7 Delicious Palette is £12.95 and contains fourteen powder eyeshadows with a weight of 11.2 grams working out at 0.8 grams per eyeshadow. The palette can be purchased via the W7 website (there’s an UK and US version of the website) where I believe postage is free within the UK. W7 products can be found in discount retailers such as Xtras, Fragrance Direct etc and the prices are always lower than those on the W7 website. I personally never buy from the W7 website as the prices are often double, if not triple the prices I pay on eBay. I paid £5.90 for my W7 Delicious Palette with free, very quick delivery from this eBay seller.

Packaging, Palette Layout and Applicator

The Makeup Revolution Chocolate Elixir Palette is packaged within a dripping chocolate bar design palette which is really pretty and sturdy, so it’d be great for travel. The palette contains a great, large sized mirror within the lid and the shadows have a delicious subtle chocolate scent which is a nice added touch. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette contains 14 shades however this palette contains two more, with 16 shades so you’re getting two extra shade options with this palette. The applicator is awful and I really wish they’d ditch it entirely as it’s just a double ended sponge tip applicator. Now the chocolate bar palettes have increased to £8.99 from £7.99, I think it’s time they updated the packaging to include a basic blending brush. Inside the palette there is also an acetate sheet detailing all sixteen shades, which is handy should you like following tutorials but the shades are all mixed up compared to the layout within the Modern Renaissance palette.

The W7 Delicious Palette is packaged within very lightweight cardboard casing, with a very weak magnet which I wouldn’t recommend travelling with as the lid flips open very easily. There is a mirror within the lid but it’s a plastic one which is smaller and not as high quality as the one in the Makeup Revolution palette. W7 really do win in terms of applicator though as they’ve included a double ended brush which is very nice quality, with one end being a smudge brush and the other a blending brush. The W7 palette has zero shade names, but the shades are laid out exactly like they are in the Modern Renaissance Palette.

Let’s move onto the comparison swatches……

Makeup Revolution Chocolate Elixir Palette Vs. W7 Delicious Palette - DUPE WARS! Review and Comparison SwatchesMakeup Revolution Chocolate Elixir Palette Vs. W7 Delicious Palette - DUPE WARS! Review and Comparison Swatches Makeup Revolution Chocolate Elixir Palette Vs. W7 Delicious Palette - DUPE WARS! Review and Comparison Swatches Makeup Revolution Chocolate Elixir Palette Vs. W7 Delicious Palette - DUPE WARS! Review and Comparison Swatches

For the purpose of my swatches, I have named each of the fourteen W7 shades as W1-14 as the Makeup Revolution shades are all individually named. As the layout in the Chocolate Elixir Palette does differ to that of the Modern Renaissance and Delicious Palette, I did have to work out which shade is a dupe of which but it only took a couple of minutes. I can’t compare the shades to the ABH swatches in photos as I no longer have the palette but after using it for a number of weeks I know what the quality and shades were like. Hopefully my swatches show the difference in pigmentation, texture and shade match between each pair of shades.

For me it’s an absolute no brainer, the Makeup Revolution Chocolate Elixir Palette is far superior than the W7 Delicious Palette. The packaging firstly is a lot nicer and a lot more practical, and not to mention it’s £4 cheaper which I’m really shocked by as you’d assume the plastic, more substantial packaging would be the pricier palette. The Makeup Revolution shades are almost always better than the W7 shade except for one (W9 is better than MUR Hot Tea). I have a lot of W7 palettes and I’ve been really surprised by how dusty and powdery the W7 shades are without even trying to compare them to ABH or MUR.

The Makeup Revolution shades are all buttery soft, creamy and easy to blend even with the brighter matte shades such as Bubblegum and Pink Icing. There is not one chalky or disappointing shade within the Makeup Revolution Chocolate Elixir Palette, but W9 is more pigmented than the MUR Hot Tea but that’s literally one shade from fourteen. W7 have the far superior applicator with the dual ended brush, but apart from that it’s a landslide win for Makeup Revolution. It’s an amazing palette and it performs just as well on the eyes (if not, better) than it does when swatched with no fading and it performs just as well as the Modern Renaissance Palette. I do love W7 as a brand but for me, the Delicious Palette is really disappointing when compared to the more affordable Makeup Revolution Chocolate Elixir Palette which contains more than double the amount of product within the W7 palette.

I’d love to know if you liked the way I’ve done this post, as I have more comparison posts planned and would really like your feedback. What do you think of the two palettes? Do you have either of these palettes?


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