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Makeup Revolution Brow Revolution | #MakeupRevolutionWeek

Makeup Revolution Brow Revolution - Medium Brown Brow Revolution Longlasting Brow Gel Review and Swatches

All of the products I’ve chosen to feature within my #MakeupRevolutionWeek have all been pretty new launches, but I decided to choose the Makeup Revolution Brow Revolution as it’s a product I’ve never seen a review for before. I hadn’t had the best luck with the Makeup Revolution brow range until trying the Makeup Revolution Duo Brow Definer, which inspired me to try more from their brow range as I love and use it so much.

The Makeup Revolution Brow Revolution launched back in September 2016 but I’ve never seen anyone mention it before on both blogs or YouTube but it always intrigued me as it’s so unlike anything else I’ve ever tried so I decided to give it a whirl.

Brow Revolution has landed! Revolutionary technology for an instant, long lasting fibre technology brow gel.

– Waterproof
– Budgeproof
– Transfer Proof

Available in 5 shades


Makeup Revolution Brow Revolution - Medium Brown Brow Revolution Longlasting Brow Gel Review and SwatchesMakeup Revolution Brow Revolution - Medium Brown Brow Revolution Longlasting Brow Gel Review and Swatches

The Makeup Revolution Brow Revolution is available in five shades; Blonde, Soft Brown, Auburn, Medium Brown and Dark Brunette and it’s £6 from TAM/Revolution Beauty. The box includes a large lipgloss style tube with a rose gold lid, as well as basic eyebrow brush.

I don’t know how much product there is in the tube as it’s not recorded anywhere on the box, but it’s a really big tube for a brow product so it’s a lot of product for only £6. Once you unscrew the lid, there’s a brush applicator similar to that within the Bourjois lipglosses.

TAM Beauty have some helpful swatches on their website for the Makeup Revolution Brow Revolution, and I really wish more brands would include swatches as it makes it so much easier to choose a shade. I wasn’t 100% sure which shade to choose between Medium Brown and Dark Brunette as I have naturally very dark brown brows, but I decided on Medium Brown as I figured I could always build up some intensity rather than going from zero to slug in five seconds.

Makeup Revolution Brow Revolution - Medium Brown Brow Revolution Longlasting Brow Gel Review and Swatches

I have to admit the first time I tried this product, I really had no idea what to do as I’ve never used a brow product which has a lipgloss-style brush before so it really was trial and error to work out the best method of application. The instructions are to start with a clean, dry brow then use short feathering strokes to fill in the brow in the direction of the hair growth followed by combing through with the brow brush.

The Makeup Revolution Brow Revolution has a slightly thick almost gel/cream consistency which is extremely pigmented, and I tried applying the brush directly to my brow to do strokes like the instructions recommend. The brush doesn’t offer very much precision, and I found the product to dry pretty quickly so applying directly to the brow just didn’t work for me.

After around three to four uses, I found that the best method of application was to dip an actual brow brush such as the Zoeva 322 Brow Brush into the product on the brush applicator and apply to brows in hair like strokes, or apply the liquid to the back of my hand and dip the brush into it before applying. Once the Makeup Revolution Brow Revolution is applied to my brows, it does not budge whatsoever even with touching nor does it transfer and I have to use an oil-based makeup remover for removal as it really does stay put.

When I dip my brow brush into the product on the applicator, it makes application very quick and easy and I finish by combing through with the spoolie. I really recommend using a proper brow brush as it gives a much more natural effect, but for £6 it really is a great buy and I don’t know why more people aren’t talking about it.

I’d love to know if you’ve ever tried the Makeup Revolution Brow Revolution?

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