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Makeup Revolution Lace Luxury Baking Powder | #MakeupRevolutionWeek

If you watch a lot of YouTube makeup tutorials, you’ll definitely have seen many use the baking technique to set their makeup which was a trend that was originally used by drag artists but has now become a lot more mainstream. Baking is the term in which you apply a heavy amount of loose translucent powder under the eyes and on the high points of the face over your base makeup to set everything with a flawless finish.

It is recommended that you let the translucent powder sit on the skin for upto ten minutes so that the natural heat of your body can meld the concealer into your skin, and then dust off the excess loose powder with a large fluffy brush once you’ve baked your makeup.

It’s definitely a buzz word within the beauty community right now and it’s not something I do very regularly as I have super dry skin, and the idea of caking on my concealer and powder really doesn’t appeal as I do find it can just exacerbate my dryness even more which I definitely don’t want. 

Makeup Revolution are always on trend with their launches, and they released a collection of baking powders in a selection of shades to suit most skintones for just £5 each. The shades available are; Lace, Ghost (which has recently been renamed Bake & Finish), Banana and Terracotta.

I don’t know why but the image on the TAM/Revolution Beauty website shows that the Makeup Revolution Lace Luxury Baking Powder contains 42g yet my tub doesn’t at all, mine contains 35g which is very strange and a little misleading yet ULTA Beauty’s image shows 35g so I guess they reduced the product weight recently but even with the reduction, 35g of loose powder for £5 is excellent value.

Makeup Revolution Lace Luxury Baking Powder Review and Swatches

Sets and mattifies makeup to last all day. Helps to prevent oil build up throughout the day and extend the wear of your makeup. It also helps diffuse imperfections and keep your skin matte! Can be used to set or bake your makeup.

Apply heavily to your T-zone and under eyes and leave to sit for 5 minutes and dust away for a flawless finish. The mini sieve within the lid will prevent clumping and ensure easy application. Ensure you shake the bottle before use.

Makeup Revolution Lace Luxury Baking Powder Review and Swatches

From the shades on offer, I chose the Makeup Revolution Lace Luxury Baking Powder as I have pale skin with a cool undertone and Makeup Revolution describe Lace as being “a neutral, light, pink toned baking powder” which I thought would match my skintone, but I might still try the white version as I’m interested to see how they compare for pale skin.

I do own the Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder which I love, but I can only use a minuscule amount as the yellow tone is just too noticeable for my skintone so I never bothered trying the Makeup Revolution Banana Powder as I assumed it’d be the same issue, but I’ve seen nothing but rave reviews for the Makeup Revolution Banana Powder.

Makeup Revolution Lace Luxury Baking Powder Review and Swatches

The Makeup Revolution Lace Luxury Baking Powder is packaged within a clear plastic pot, with a sifter allowing you to tip powder into the lid and then dip your brush into the lid to pick up powder.

I don’t love the lid on the pot as it’s not very secure, and doesn’t screw back on very easily which is less than ideal for a loose powder but I ensure I store the pot upright in my powder drawer, and it’s not something I’d ever take out the house anyway as it’d cause carnage in my makeup.

I could however easily depot a little powder into a travel pot if I did want to carry some around in my makeup bag. I’d recommend tipping out very little powder and add more to the lid rather than shaking out too much as you can’t easily replace any leftover powder. You can lift off the sifter, but I found that to be very messy so now I just shake the powder out very carefully to minimise unnecessary wastage.

Makeup Revolution Lace Luxury Baking Powder Review and Swatches

The Makeup Revolution Lace Luxury Baking Powder does have a subtle pink tone but I don’t find it to be noticeable on my skintone, but it might be for those with deeper skintones. I’ve tried using the powder to set my makeup and I don’t enjoy it as an all over setting powder, so I do find it’s just best used as a baking powder as it is very mattifying and a little drying.

When baking I’ve been using the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer, and then applying the Makeup Revolution Lace Luxury Baking Powder with a dampened wedge sponge (these £1.79 ones from Superdrug) over the top.

I only leave my powder for around five minutes and it does leave my under-eyes looking very smooth, and sets my concealer in place. I still wouldn’t use the baking method for everyday but I really enjoy using this powder for when I do want to give it a try, and it’s such a great budget friendly option for only £5.

Have you tried any of the Makeup Revolution Luxury Baking Powders before? Let me know in the comments below…