Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturising Toning Lotion

Every day, pollution, stress, cold weather, etc. disrupt the skin’s cellular activity. As a result, it becomes dehydrated, tight and uncomfortable and loses its radiance. Developed in the BIODERMA Research laboratories, the Aquagenium™  biological patent found in Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturising Toning Lotion retrains the skin to activate its natural moisturising capacities by stimulating the production of aquaporins, water channels in the skin, and retain the water it needs to be balanced.”

Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturising Toning LotionBioderma Hydrabio Moisturising Toning Lotion

Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturising Toning Lotion 250ml £12.10

The Bioderma Hydrabio Micellar Water is my all time favourite cleansing water, so I’ve been wanting to try more from the Hydrabio range which is designed for those with sensitive dehydrated skin which is my exact skin type. The toning water can be used on both the face and eyes with a non-rinse formula which tones and renews radiance.

I wasn’t sure if I really need the Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturising Toning Lotion within my skincare routine if it was almost identical to the micellar water. I like to use this toner on a cotton pad over my face and eyes after using the micellar water as a finishing step within my cleansing routine.

It feels very soothing and gentle on the skin just like the micellar water thanks to the alcohol-free formula, but this toner also manages to leave my skin feeling more hydrated. I have to admit although it’s a very nice step within my skincare routine, I’m not sure it’s worth it if you use the Bioderma Hydrabio Micellar Water as I find that it already leaves my skin feeling hydrated.

If I ever use another micellar water which isn’t as soothing as the Bioderma Hydrabio formula, I like to follow up with this toner to remedy any lack of moisture but I don’t think it’s worth it in my opinion as I’d rather buy the micellar water as it removes my makeup as well as leaving my skin hydrated. It doesn’t look like it’s available in the UK which isn’t particularly helpful, but if you’re heading to France any time soon it’s worth adding to your basket.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of the Bioderma Hydrabio range?

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