ColourPop Super Star Loose Pigments Review + Swatches

ColourPop is my favourite makeup brand so I’m always excited whenever they launch a new product. I love how frequently they launch new products, and they’re always consistent in their high quality and super affordable price tag. I follow ColourPop on Twitter as they always sneak peek their new launches, and announce YouTube videos showing the new products in action by “Shordynn” (Jordynn and Sharon) and their video on the new ColourPop Super Star Loose Pigments was amazing and I knew I needed to try especially as I love the ColourPop Super Shock and Pressed Shadows so, so much.

ColourPop Super Star Loose Pigments Review + SwatchesColourPop Super Star Loose Pigments Review + SwatchesColourPop Super Star Loose Pigments Review + SwatchesColourPop Super Star Loose Pigments Review + Swatches

The ColourPop Super Star Loose Pigments are $5 each, there are twelve different shades to choose from and each shade contains 2 grams of product. I know the outer packaging doesn’t really matter but the boxes are so pretty with a rubberised texture and holographic writing on the front. Loose pigments aren’t for everyone but I’ve become a massive fan of using pigments over the last six months or so and my collection has multiplied so I couldn’t wait to delve in and try the ColourPop pigments as the swatches looked so beautiful.

Each of Super Star Pigments in packaged within a white circular pot similar to the Super Shock Shadows apart from these have no window within the lid, and instead they have white lids with silver stars all over the lid. Inside each of the pots they all have a typical sifter which is covered by a clear sticker, and the holes within the sifter are really great as they’re not too big. You have to tap the pot a few times to tip enough product into the lid so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary wastage. I’m sure you could probably remove the sifter from the pots if you needed to but the sifter works absolutely fine for me as I just tip into the lid and use my brush or fingertip within the lid.

ColourPop Super Star Loose Pigments Review + Swatches

Typhoon – Iridescent white with silver and blue glitter

Wknd – Creamy vanilla with pink and gold glitter

Golightly – Vivid metallic yellow gold

Lifted – Soft pinky lavender with gold glitter

ColourPop Super Star Loose Pigments Review + Swatches

Mulholland – Warm golden metallic bronze

Cameo – Coral pink with gold glitter

Quicksand – Copper with multi-dimensional glitter

Vertigo – Bright red orange with pink glitter

ColourPop Super Star Loose Pigments Review + Swatches

Honeypot – True silver with multi-dimensional glitter

Baby Roo – Cool-toned lilac with multi-dimensional glitter

Badlands – Violet with pink and blue glitter

Up Shot –  Jade green with silver glitter

How beautiful are the swatches?! I assumed the ColourPop Super Star Loose Pigments would all have the same shimmer finish like MAC Pigments tend to have, but they’re so varied and multi-dimensional which blows my mind considering they’re just $5/£3.52 each. Some of the shades are glittery and shimmery such as Typhoon and Wknd, some are shimmery like Golightly, Mulholland and Quicksand, and there’s even shades which are completely matte with gorgeous glitter like Vertigo. The pigmentation and finish varies considerably between the shades as they’re designed to have a different effect.

You can use them dry from the pot or you can use them damp, but using them dry will increase the likelihood of fallout and using them with a damp brush will create a more intense almost foiled effect. You can use them on your eyelids, on your lips, on your body or even on your face as an highlighter if you want to as they’re so versatile and you only need a tiny amount of product for each use so I can’t imagine ever finishing a whole pot of these as they are so saturated with sparkle/shimmer/glitter.

All of my swatches are dry because I always do dry swatches for consistency, but Shordynn have wet and dry swatches in their video and as you can see they totally transform when used with a damp brush. I love them all so much and love that there’s a great mix of neutrals and colours. My standout shades would have to be Mulholland, Cameo, Quicksand and Honeypot. Next time you’re placing a ColourPop order I really recommend adding at least one shade into your basket to try them as they’re so stunning and when used with a damp brush they become even more amazing and it’s crazy they’re just $5 each when a MAC Pigment contains 4.5 grams and are £16.50 each, and the packaging of the ColourPop Super Star Loose Pigments are much better too.

I’d love to know if you’ve ever tried the ColourPop Loose Pigments yet?

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