Feelunique Beauty Haul April 2018

Feelunique Beauty Haul April 2018 ft. ABH, Clinique, Sigma, Hourglass, Benefit, NYX, Laura Mercier

My beauty wishlist is perhaps the longest it’s ever been right now and it feels like amazing products are being launched every other week. Whenever I fancy a splurge, I like to try and do it whenever a retailed is offering a generous discount code or gift with purchase offer so I was excited to cross a few things from my ever growing wishlist from Feelunique recently. If you saw my Pinterest post last week, Feelunique and Vogue have collaborated for the Vogue Beauty Awards and there’s an amazing Pinterest giveaway where you could win every single award winning product, or a £100 Feelunique voucher so make sure you go on over to my post and enter as the prizes are too good to miss. I already know what I’d choose if I won a £100 voucher but read on to see what I did get recently in my beauty haul..

Feelunique Beauty Haul April 2018 ft. ABH, Clinique, Sigma, Hourglass, Benefit, NYX, Laura Mercier

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette £43

You knew this palette purchase was going to happen didn’t you?! Well if you’ve been a regular reader of mine you’ll know that I’ve been pondering this palette so much over the last month or so. The back story behind this palette is that I actually bought this palette maybe a year ago and tried it a couple of times and just couldn’t get on board with the shades so I ended up giving it to one of my friends. When Makeup Revolution created their “dupe” version; the I Heart Revolution Chocolate Elixir Palette, I thought there was no need I’d need the original Modern Renaissance Palette back in my life as I had the same shades practically in the £9 palette.

However the dupe version actually made me want the original even more as I loved the shade selection and my lust only intensified when I fell in love with the Soft Glam Palette as the quality of the shadows was just amazing. So even though I had this palette and ended up decluttering it, I decided I needed it in my life as the Anastasia Beverly Hills shadows are just beautiful and I will definitely not be letting go of it this time as I’m delighted to finally have it back in my collection.

Feelunique Beauty Haul April 2018 ft. ABH, Clinique, Sigma, Hourglass, Benefit, NYX, Laura Mercier

Benefit Dandelion Twinkle Mini £12.50

When Benefit launched their Dandelion Twinkle I wasn’t at all interested as I love the original Dandelion blush, and really didn’t fancy a twinkly version of Dandelion. Now it’s been on the market for a good few months, I’ve seen a fair few reviews and the swatches I’ve seen have all been so beautiful. Benefit have started to do a ‘mini Benefit’ range where they’ve got miniature sizes of some of their products so when I saw there was a mini size of Benefit Dandelion Twinkle I knew I wanted it. The mini size contains only 1.5g which isn’t very much at all, but it’s £12.50 and the full size is £25.50 for 3g so you are getting literally half the product which I think is fab as some brands up the prices for their mini sizes.

Even though it is a mini size, it’s got the same packaging design within a flip top magnetised box, with a wooden mini brush and a tiny mirror within the lid. The powder even has a subtle domed design on the mini too and I can’t wait to try it as it look like such a stunning highlighter for paler skintones. I never seem to finish beauty products so this mini size is ideal as I can try it and see if I like it, and it’s the perfect size for my makeup bag too; I just wish more brands did mini sizes like this as they’re such a great idea.

Feelunique Beauty Haul April 2018 ft. ABH, Clinique, Sigma, Hourglass, Benefit, NYX, Laura Mercier

Hourglass No 28 Primer Serum £62

I am thrilled that Feelunique now stock Hourglass as it’s a brand I definitely want to explore this year as I’ve only ever tried the Ethereal Light Ambient Lighting Powder, the Ambient Lighting Palette and one of their Femme Nude Lip Stylos. I’ve heard so much about the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer and I know so many bloggers that love it, and some have said the NYX Angel Veil Primer is an amazing dupe but I actually really disliked the NYX primer so I didn’t know if I’d like the Hourglass Mineral Veil if I didn’t enjoy the Angel Veil Primer.

Instead I happened to watch one of Kathleen Lights’ videos and she recommended the Hourglass No 28 Primer Serum for those with dry skin, and I decided I had to try it as part of my beauty haul as I have such similar tastes to Kathleen. This is perhaps the item I’m most excited to try as it’s the priciest primer I’ve ever had, so I’ll be sure to report back once I’ve had a chance to put it through its paces.

Feelunique Beauty Haul April 2018 ft. ABH, Clinique, Sigma, Hourglass, Benefit, NYX, Laura Mercier

Elizabeth and James Nirvana White Eau de Parfum £52

I have wanted a bottle of Elizabeth and James fragrance ever since the lovely Jo sent me some samples of White and Black in a package with the NYX Contour Palette. Back in 2015 we couldn’t get Elizabeth and James in the UK, and Sephora wouldn’t ship fragrances to UK so it’s been a nightmare as I loved the samples I tried so, so much. Imagine my delight when news broke that Elizabeth and James was coming to the UK, and Feelunique stock all of their fragrances – I couldn’t be happier. I didn’t know which to choose as I want them all, but I decided on Nirvana White as my first bottle but I’m going to get Black ASAP as I also love it so much.

Feelunique Beauty Haul April 2018 ft. ABH, Clinique, Sigma, Hourglass, Benefit, NYX, Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier Deluxe Mini Translucent Loose Setting Powder £20

One of the most raved about products within the beauty community is the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder, and I’ve never even tried it before. I have really, really dry skin so powders don’t always work very well for me so I didn’t want to buy the full size and then discover it doesn’t work for my dry skin so I’m very happy that there’s this brilliant deluxe mini size which was perfect for my beauty haul. It’s called a mini but it contains 9.3 grams of loose powder with a beautiful velour puff for £20, whilst the full size is £29 and contains 29 grams so the full size is a much better value option, but 9 grams will last me for years so the mini size is perfect for me and I so hope I love it as much as everyone does.

Feelunique Beauty Haul April 2018 ft. ABH, Clinique, Sigma, Hourglass, Benefit, NYX, Laura Mercier

NYX Dewy Finish Long Lasting Setting Spray 60ml £7

This is the only item in my beauty haul which wasn’t on my wishlist, and was just a “ooh I need that” kind of product. I’m dying to find the “perfect” setting spray and I’m buying a range of them to do a comparison post so this one would make a great addition to my post as I’ve not seen it before. It’s the NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray and I’m hoping it wont sting my skin like the Urban Decay All Nighter does.

Feelunique Beauty Haul April 2018 ft. ABH, Clinique, Sigma, Hourglass, Benefit, NYX, Laura Mercier

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask 100ml £31

My skin has been exceptionally dry ever since I had a severe contact dermatitis flareup in February where I had tiny blisters all over my face, neck and eyelids, and now even my eyelids have dry patches – I look like a hot mess and I feel so unhappy and self conscious. I am applying copious amounts of hydrating lotions, potions and mask to try and remedy my dryness but this Clinique Moisture Surge Mask has been on my wishlist for ages now and I decided I needed to take the plunge and get it within my beauty haul and get it as my skin needs as much help as it can get.

I slathered this mask all over my face within ten minutes of opening my order and I’ve only used it three times so far but I’m bloody impressed, and I’ll be sure to keep trying it and do a full review on it soon but in only three uses I’ve seen an improvement in my skin – just wow.

So they are the items from my Feelunique Beauty Haul. I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of these gems? Is there anything in particular you’d like to see me review first? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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