Makeup Revolution Pro Eyebrow Cushion Eyebrow Definer

When Makeup Revolution launched the Revolution Pro range I knew I had to place an order so I could try a few products, but I didn’t go crazy as I wasn’t sure if it was just the Freedom products repackaged as Revolution Pro has replaced Freedom. I purposely chose products which didn’t exist within the Freedom product range, and one of those products was the Makeup Revolution Pro Eyebrow Cushion Eyebrow Definer which was only £5.

Amazingly there are eight different shades to choose from which really is fantastic for a drugstore brow shade range, and I chose Dark Brown as my brows are very dark brown and a cool toned brown. So many dark brown brow shades lean very warm and it’s so frustrating as my hair is almost naturally black so I really don’t want orange brows but the Dark Brown shade matched me from the Freedom brow range so I hoped the Revolution Pro Dark Brown would too.

Makeup Revolution Pro Eyebrow Cushion Eyebrow Definer Review and Swatches in the shade Dark Brown

Create lasting brows with Revolution PRO Eyebrow Cushion. The innovative cushion dispenser coats the tip of your brush in product for precise and ultra defined brows. The richly pigmented formula creates hair like strokes, while being smudge-proof and budge-proof for brows that last all day. In eight shades to perfectly match every hair colour.”

Makeup Revolution Pro Eyebrow Cushion Eyebrow Definer Review and Swatches in the shade Dark Brown

I’ve never tried an eyebrow cushion before and I’ve never seen a budget beauty brand do an eyebrow cushion so I really was intrigued to try one as I’ve read so many amazing things about the Iconic London Sculpt & Boost Eyebrow Cushion which is £19.99. Models Own do have an eyebrow cushion but they’re no longer available in Superdrug and they only have two shades and it’s £8.99 which I think is pretty pricey for a drugstore brand.

The Models Own Brow Cushion is literally in ‘Blonde’ or ‘Brunette’ so the eight shades available for the Makeup Revolution Pro Eyebrow Cushion Eyebrow Definer is considerably better and whilst they claim there’s a shade for ‘every hair colour’ although I’m not sure there’s a shade for grey hair, or very light blonde hair but most hair colours will be catered for.

Makeup Revolution Pro Eyebrow Cushion Eyebrow Definer Review and Swatches in the shade Dark Brown

The Makeup Revolution Pro Eyebrow Cushion Eyebrow Definer comes in a circular plastic pot which opens to reveal a protective flap which keeps the cushion air tight to prevent it from drying out. When you first purchase it, there’s a plastic sheet covering the cushion which is easy to remove.

There are no brushes or applicators included with this brow cushion like there is with the Iconic London and Models Own Brow Cushions. In the Makeup Revolution Pro Eyebrow Cushion Eyebrow Definer you are only getting 2.2ml of product, whilst in the Iconic London version you’re getting 6ml and the Models Own version has a similar amount. So yes the Revolution Pro version is only £5, but you’re getting a third of the amount of product so it’s not necessarily as good value as it would appear so it’s just something to consider.

Makeup Revolution Pro Eyebrow Cushion Eyebrow Definer Review and Swatches in the shade Dark Brown

The Revolution Pro Eyebrow Cushion doesn’t feel as wet or spongy as I expected it to and when I lifted up the pot to apply it to my brows with my eyebrow brush, the ‘cushion’ aka sponge just flopped out of the compact onto my top. It really isn’t very secure within the compact so I’d recommend being very careful especially with the darker shades as I had to use Vanish to remove the stain from my shirt I was wearing so now I don’t ever pick up the compact to apply, I leave it open on my dressing table and use a separate mirror.

The Dark Brown shade is just perfect as it’s a dark, cool toned brunette shade but it also contains shimmer which really confuses me – you can see the shimmer in the photo above. I really don’t understand why an eyebrow product would contain shimmer, it’s just so weird but Benefit do a shimmery brow product too as it’s supposed to mimic the natural sheen within the brows but I’m not sure.

The positives of using the Revolution Pro Eyebrow Cushion are that it’s quick to use, it’s longlasting and doesn’t smudge once it’s on the brows and the Dark Brown shade really is perfect for me. I find it much easier to use than say a brow gel or pomade, and it looks very natural when in the brows with no crispiness or strange textures. 

I love that a drugstore brand has created an eyebrow cushion, but I do wish the sponge was more a little more secure within the compact as I’m constantly worrying about it staining. For £5 though it’s well worth a try, if you can find a shade which matches your brows and you have an eyebrow brush you can use to apply it.

I would love to know if you’d lik to try the Makeup Revolution Pro Eyebrow Cushion Eyebrow Definer?

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