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The Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Eyeshadows were the most popular beauty launch of 2017, and I’ve never come across anyone that has tried them and not liked them. They really are worth the hype and I wholeheartedly recommend trying them if you love glitter as they’re amazing. The only downside in my opinion is the price as they were £22 when they launched, and are now £23 each for just one shade which is so pricey if you don’t want to wear the same shade over and over. The best dupe I’ve found so far are these £1.50 Stila Glitter and Glow dupes, but when I spotted the new Barry M Glitter Bomb Eyeshadows I was instantly excited as they looked like a very promising dupe – sadly they’re not….

Barry M Glitter Bomb Eyeshadows - Oh Snap and Glitter Bomb Review and Swatches

Glitter Bomb glitter eyeshadow is a dazzling party for your eyes! Overflowing with lustrous, iridescent sparkle and shimmer using pearl and glitter flecks, each shade comes in a highly pigmented, light-weight cream formula that makes applying and blending a dream. With a 3D dazzling effect finish, there’s minimal fall out to ensure your look lasts as long as you need it to!

Barry M Glitter Bomb Eyeshadows - Oh Snap and Glitter Bomb Review and SwatchesBarry M Glitter Bomb Eyeshadows - Oh Snap and Glitter Bomb Review and Swatches

The Barry M Glitter Bomb Eyeshadows are £4.99 each and there are five different shades available. Each shade is packaged within a clear plastic round tube with a black lid, and little stars all over it. The applicator is a doefoot and I chose just two shades as the other shades really didn’t appeal to me. Barry M describe these shadows as being ‘highly pigmented’ but I disagree as the glitter is very sparse as shown in the swatches above. They don’t have a cream formula like the claims either – it’s very much a clear gel with glitter suspended within it, whilst the Stila shadows had a coloured base with glitter suspended within the coloured base.

Barry M Glitter Bomb Eyeshadows - Oh Snap and Glitter Bomb Review and Swatches

The formula is pretty thick on the doefoot and blobs a large amount as soon as you put the doefoot on your eyelid, and the doefoot moves the glitter around so you can’t get a concentrated glitter effect like you can with the Stila shadows.

They feel lightweight on the lids, but that’s because the glitter is so minimal unless you use your fingertip to apply it allow it to dry and then gently tap more on and build it up. With the Stila shadows I can literally swipe and go, but these Barry M Glitter Bomb Eyeshadows require more effort and they’re not as longlasting either. I notice glitter fallout on my face all day long which I don’t like at all as the glitter fallout with the Stila shadows is very minimal.

Oh Snap contains mainly silver glitter particles but there are also very pale gold, tiny blue and iridescent glitter particles too. It is such a stunning, multi-dimensional shade and I think it’s very pretty, but I wish it was more pigmented like an eyeshadow. Bling Bling contains yellow gold glitter and is quite plain in comparison to Oh Snap, and Bling Bling is slightly less saturated with glitter too.

I wouldn’t describe these as eyeshadows at all, they remind me of the Collection Liquid Crystal Eyeliners except these have a doefoot applicator as they’re not eyeshadows – they’re just glitter suspended within a clear gel with no ‘shadow’ of the lid at all. For £4.99 they’re decent for the price, but just don’t buy them thinking you’re getting a Stila dupe as they’re not remotely similar and the fallout is a real issue.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried the Stila Glitter and Glow Eyeshadows?

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