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Lime Crime Turkish Delight Plushies Lip Colour

I featured the Lime Crime Milk Tea Plushies lip colour on my blog back in April, and it’s been one of my most worn lip colours over the last few weeks as the formula is so comfortable so I’m really happy to add another to my collection. There are thirteen different shades of Lime Crime Plushies £18 stocked on Cult Beauty, and my newest shade is Turkish Delight which Lime Crime describe as being a sheer dusty rose. The Lime Crime Turkish Delight Plushies Lip Colour is named after plush soft toys with a non-opaque soft focus formula which enhances your natural lip colour whilst making your lips look ‘plush’.

Lime Crime Turkish Delight Plushies Lip Colour Review and Swatches

All of the Plushies shades are relatively neutral which is right up my street, but if you do prefer a more opaque dramatic lip colour, the Lime Crime Velvetines are the perfect alternative as they’re mostly bold shades. I’ve tried one of the Velvetines before but I’m not a massive fan of super matte liquid lipsticks as I find them to be too drying and unflattering on the lips but the Plushies are a lot more comfortable in comparison and they don’t need any lip prep before application.

Lime Crime Turkish Delight Plushies Lip Colour Review and Swatches

PLUSHIES (from plushy: a soft toy) are the new generation of nude lips. Non-opaque, soft focus formula enhances natural lip color while making your lips look as plush as a teddy bear! Touch-proof finish ensures no-hassle all-day wear. One coat is all you need for that coveted my-lips-but-better effect, or build to your liking for more intensity. Infused with a nostalgic blackberry candy scent. Plushies are so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing them.”

Lime Crime Turkish Delight Plushies Lip Colour Review and Swatches

When I reviewed the Milk Tea shade of the Plushies I described it as being glossy and I had someone ask me if I meant matte as they’re supposed to be matte, but the Milk Tea definitely isn’t matte on me and I wasn’t sure if it was an issue with my tube but I found Milk Tea to be glossy for a good couple of hours before becoming more of a satin finish.

The Lime Crime Turkish Delight Plushies however has a satin finish almost straight from the tube and the shininess fades within around twenty minutes. The Lime Crime Turkish Delight Plushies still doesn’t dry down to a super matte finish like the Velvetines, but it has a subtle powdery finish which isn’t drying.

Lime Crime Turkish Delight Plushies Lip Colour Review and Swatches

This particular shade is a brighter rosy pink compared to Milk Tea and it looks so pretty when applied with your fingertip to blot it onto the lips, but it also looks pretty when blended with Milk Tea for a pinky nude shade. I know it shouldn’t matter but one of my favourite things about the Plushies is their amazing blackcurrant chewitts scent, they do smell incredible, and the teddy bear design packaging is so cute.

I would love to know if you’ve tried any of the Lime Crime Plushies before?

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