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Revolution Pro Supreme Hold Finishing Spray

I featured the Revlon PhotoReady Prep Set Refresh Mist Makeup Setting Spray here on my blog recently and I wasn’t blown away by it as it’s quite expensive for a drugstore makeup setting spray considering how little product you get in the bottle. Makeup Revolution have so many different setting sprays under their numerous sub-brands including Obsession, Revolution, Revolution Pro, Freedom and I Heart Revolution making it a little overwhelming trying to decide which is the best formula to try. There are currently 14 different setting sprays on Revolution Beauty ranging from £5 to £6. I have a Revolution fixing spray comparison post coming up on my blog, but for today I have the Revolution Pro Supreme Hold Finishing Spray to show you.

Revolution Pro Supreme Hold Finishing Spray Review - Makeup Setting Spray

The Revolution Pro Supreme Hold Finishing Spray contains 100ml of product and is £6, and there is also a Supreme Matte version too should you require a more mattifying setting spray. The claims for the Revolution Pro setting spray are very minimal with the only real claim being to set your makeup;

For your longest wearing looks, set makeup with Revolution PRO Supreme Hold Finishing Spray. Spray from arms length to create a mist over the face that helps to lock down your look and prevent makeup slip.

Revolution Pro Supreme Hold Finishing Spray Review - Makeup Setting Spray

The packaging is really sleek and I like the monochrome design Revolution have used for their Revolution Pro range. The directions are very simple, you just mist over your face from 20-30cm away whilst closing your eyes.

The scent of this setting spray is really medicinal, and smells almost like a disinfectant spray which I know will be down to the high alcohol content which is what helps to lock your makeup in place but I’m not a fan of the scent at all. It’s quite a strong scent when you first initially spray but it thankfully does dissipate within seconds.

Looking through the ingredients, I’m impressed that they’ve added horse chestnut extract, aloe vera leaf juice as well as sunflower oil so although it does contain alcohols, it does contain some skin-friendly ingredients too which is great for a budget friendly £6 setting spray.

Revolution Pro Supreme Hold Finishing Spray Review - Makeup Setting Spray

The spray has a really great fine mist which evenly coats the face. I find makeup setting sprays to be so hit and miss with their pump dispensers but this is one of the best I’ve tried as it doesn’t leave you feeling soaked but it’s wet enough that you know it’s actually doing something.

It dries on the skin in seconds without the need for manic hand fanning motions and it’s so weightless on the skin. Some setting sprays I’ve tried have felt like hairspray on the face, and you can feel them on the skin everytime you move your face but you can’t feel this spray on the skin so it’s perfect for setting you makeup as well as refreshing your makeup throughout the day.

I don’t notice any stinging sensations when using this spray and it does an amazing job at getting rid of any cakeiness after applying powder. It definitely does prolong my makeup and I think it might be the best setting spray I’ve found so far under £10.

I have just bought the new Revolution Hyaluronic Fix Setting Spray so I’m interested to see how they both compare but I’ll get my Revolution setting spray comparison post up on my blog very soon as I’m interested to see which is the best spray within their collection?

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the many Revolution setting sprays?

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