Eylure Blend and Care False Eyelash Blender

If you wear false lashes you’ll know that they can look very obviously fake and it’s hard to blend them in with your natural lashes. Eylure have created a product to try and help our false lashes look more blended and has been made in collaboration with Lucy and Lydia. The Eylure Blend and Care False Eyelash Blender £10.95 has been designed to quickly and skilfully blends your natural lashes with your falsies so we can say goodbye to that tell-tale gap between your own lashes and your falsies and hello to seamless, sleek and natural looking false eyelashes.

Eylure Blend and Care False Eyelash Blender

Our new False Eyelash Blender quickly and skilfully blends your natural lashes with your falsies – your new lash bestie. #lashgoals

Created by our superstar team, this fabulously lightweight formula lets you get your best lash look with minimum fuss. Blend your natural lashes to the underside of your falsies in a couple of light strokes from the smoothing wand and you will have sleek, defined lashes.”

Eylure Blend and Care False Eyelash BlenderEylure Blend and Care False Eyelash Blender

In all honesty I wasn’t entirely sure I needed the Eylure Blend and Care False Eyelash Blender as I’ve always used mascara to blend my lashes, and then removed the mascara from my lashes once I’ve removed them by using a cotton bud dipped in eye makeup remover. This False Eyelash Blender is packaged just like a mascara with a natural bristled wand and it looks/feels like a mascara when on the lashes.

For me it’s easier to remove from the lashes than mascara is so it might be better for those that wear lashes on a daily basis and don’t care about drama, but just want a natural blend for your lashes. It does contain some lash-friendly ingredients to enrich your natural lashes so it’s nice to know it helps your lashes whilst wearing it but it doesn’t do anything different to my lashes than a mascara does apart from being easier to remove and nearly £11 feels quite pricey when you could use your mascara.

I’m on the fence with this one and would love to know your thoughts if you’ve tried it?

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