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I Heart Revolution Rose Gold Mini Eyeshadow Palette

I really can’t keep up with all of the new Revolution launches as they appear to be launching new products every Wednesday this year. Don’t get me wrong, I love that they’re always creating new products but it’s a little overwhelming and I sometimes feel that some of their launches are overlooked as there’s always something new coming along in a few days. One of the more recent Revolution launches is the range of I Heart Revolution Mini Chocolate Eyeshadow Palettes which I’ve seen barely any mention of on social media and I feel like they should have had a lot more hype. There are four different I Heart Revolution Mini Chocolate Palettes and they’re £6 each, and contain eight powder eyeshadows. I wasn’t sure which palette to get but I decided upon the I Heart Revolution Rose Gold Mini Eyeshadow Palette as I felt like the shades were relatively unique to any of the other Revolution Chocolate palettes.

I Heart Revolution Rose Gold Mini Eyeshadow Palette


The four new I Heart Revolution Mini Chocolate Eyeshadow Palettes are very obviously ‘mini’ chocolate palettes with the same dripping chocolate design, chocolate scented shadows and their names but the box actually makes no reference to it being part of the chocolate range within the name on the box which is a little strange. I don’t know if they’re dropping the ‘chocolate’ from the names of the palettes with the rebranding of I Heart Makeup to I Heart Revolution, but I hope not as the chocolate palette range is my favourite eyeshadow range from all of the Revolution brands.

I Heart Revolution Rose Gold Mini Eyeshadow Palette

Our popular chocolate palettes go mini! This sweet treat is made up of 8 eyeshadows to compliment the Rose Gold Palette flavour, 6 mattes and 2 shimmer shades, rich in pigment to create an array of eye-catching looks. 

Shades ranging from deep reds, nude and rose gold pinks. Encased in rose gold dripping chocolate with a mirror inside.

From the four mini palettes within the range, I feel like the I Heart Revolution Rose Gold Mini Eyeshadow Palette doesn’t look anything like the I Heart Revolution Rose Gold Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette but the other three palettes definitely do look like their full size version. If you didn’t already know, the Rose Gold Chocolate Palette is a dupe of the original Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette but these shades aren’t similar to the shade lineup at all and I actually prefer that as I have the full size and don’t need a mini version of the same shades.

The shades within the Rose Gold Palette are very rich and bold, whereas these shades are considerably more muted and generally cool in tone. The mini palettes are marketed as being designed to “compliment” the full size palette so the shades in all four palettes should technically be completely different shades which is definitely the case for the I Heart Revolution Rose Gold Mini Eyeshadow Palette as there’s zero duplicate shades.

I Heart Revolution Rose Gold Mini Eyeshadow Palette

The palette is cream in colour with a rose gold coloured chocolate dripping design, and a mirror with the lid. The outside of the palette is exactly like the full size of the palette although the layout is different when inside the palette as there’s only eight shades. There are four matte shadows which are 1.2 grams and two slightly larger shimmer shadows which are 1.5 grams each.

I didn’t get an acetate sheet inside my palette so I don’t know if these mini palettes come with the name sheet as mine definitely didn’t. Revolution launched last week two new highlighter palettes called the “Glow Palettes” and they have the same design of the palette and the Elixir Chocolate Glow Palette has identical packaging to this palette which isn’t great as I like to be able to tell my palettes apart from above, without having to look at the stickers on the back. I wish they’d used different colours for the Glow Palettes as it does make it more confusing.

I don’t understand why the I Heart Revolution Rose Gold Mini Eyeshadow Palette has identical packaging and colouring to the Chocolate Elxir Glow Highlighter Palette? When the Rose Gold Glow Highlighter Palette has different packaging, surely it would make sense for the two Rose Gold versions to have identical packaging?!

It’s all very confusing in my opinion and when out of the box there’s absolutely no difference between the Mini Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette and the Chocolate Elixir Glow Highlighter Palette – they’re the same size, same colour, same metallic finish except a different name on the sticker.

I Heart Revolution Rose Gold Mini Eyeshadow Palette

I liked that Revolution used different colours for their Peach and Glow, and Light and Glow Palettes as they are white and pink, and white and peach so it’s very easy to tell them apart. Surely the Rose Gold Glow Highlighter Palette should be the same colour as the Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette?

I don’t know why the Elixir face palette is the same colour but I’m seriously confused and I know many others will be too. To add even more confusion into the mix, this mini ‘Rose Gold’ eyeshadow palette has a mint scent identical to that of the I Heart Revolution Mint Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette.

The shades within the I Heart Revolution Rose Gold Mini Eyeshadow Palette are more muted compared to their full size Rose Gold Palette and are shades I wear more often. The Rose Gold Palette is one of the best palettes they’ve ever done in terms of quality but the shades are quite bold and dramatic.

I do wish there was another shimmer shade within this palette or the shades were perhaps four shimmer and four matte as the first shade (one of only two shimmers) is more of a satin shade. The last shade in the palette is the most beautiful duochrome peachy gold with almost a foil finish, and is my standout shade within the palette.

I Heart Revolution Rose Gold Mini Eyeshadow Palette

The shadows within this palette are soft and smooth, and easy to apply and whilst the mustard and dark red shades look a little bold within the palette, they translate to be more muted on the skin.

I’ve found myself using this palette as an accompanying palette rather than a standalone palette as I feel quite limited with the shade range and lack of shimmers. I know the mini design has been created to be more travel friendly, but I would personally prefer to take one of the full size chocolate palettes as they’re not massive to begin with.

It’s always down to personal preference, but this was the only palette within the mini range that had shades I liked but I do think the price is quite high at £6 for only 8 shades when you get double the shades for only £2 more.

I would however love to see some more full size chocolate palettes launched by I Heart Revolution as I really do think they’re the best eyeshadow range they do. I’d love to see a strawberry or raspberry rosy toned version or even a dark chocolate smokey eye version next…

What do you think of the I Heart Revolution Rose Gold Mini Eyeshadow Palette? Are you a fan of these mini palettes?