Revolution Pro Central Eye Primer

The Revolution Pro range is the newest range to be launched by Makeup Revolution and has replaced Freedom Makeup. Revolution Pro claims to bring makeup artist quality cosmetics and kit essentials to the high street, equipping you with everything you need for weddings, photoshoots or your everyday makeup bag. The range only launched in May with over 200 products, and Revolution have already started launching new Revolution Pro products which is very exciting.

I’ve featured a few Revolution Pro products here on my blog already such as the Revolution Pro Ice Supreme Highlighter Palette, the Revolution Pro Supreme Eyeshadow Palettes, Revolution Pro Foundation Drops and the Revolution Pro Supreme Holding Spray and today I have the Revolution Pro Central Eye Primer to show you.

Revolution Pro Central Eye Primer


Create a blank canvas that makes eyeshadows pop. Creamy and richly pigmented, Revolution PRO Eye Elements glide on and dry down to a long-wearing matte finish that makes the perfect base for your eye look.

The Revolution Pro Eye Elements Eye Primer is available in a total of just four shades; Core, Central, Magnetic and Vitality and they’re just £4 each. I’d seen some bloggers mention on Instagram that these eye primers were dupes for MAC Paint Pots so I knew I needed to try one, and I chose to try the Revolution Pro Central Eye Primer as it’s described as being a “cool-toned medium beige, that primes the eyes and helps to brighten the eyelids on medium skin tones”. Now I obviously don’t have a medium skintone, but the palest shade; Core is a strong yellow toned beige which I knew wouldn’t work for my cool undertone as it looks very yellow on the skin.

Revolution Pro Central Eye Primer

I do think this shade range could do with being extended as three of the four shades are categorised by skintone and there’s one just one shimmer shade; Magnetic. Hopefully the range will be extended to include more skin tone appropriate shades and some pretty shimmer shades just similar to the more extensive MAC Paint Pot shade range although the MAC Paint Pots are now £16.50 for 5 grams and these are just £4 each for 3.4 grams.

Revolution Pro Central Eye Primer

The Revolution Pro Central Eye Primer is a light pinky toned beige within the jar but strangely enough it looks different on the skin, and becomes more of a light brown than a pink or beige. I’ve never found a cream eyeshadow or primer which translates to be a different shade on the skin before which is so strange but I do like the shade it becomes, but it’s something to consider when choosing which shade you want to try.

The consistency is on par with a MAC Paint Pot in that it’s creamy and smooth, but nicely pigmented and is easy to blend over the eyelid with a fingertip or brush. When blended, the brown tone isn’t as noticeable but you can layer the colour should you want a more intense colour but as I use it as a base for eyeshadow, I tend to apply more of a sheer layer and allow it to fully dry before applying eyeshadow.

I’ve tried so many different eyeshadow primers and cream eyeshadows in a jar format like this from the likes of Max Factor, Maybelline, Kiko, Charlotte Tilbury, Topshop, Essence, ELF and many more, and the formula of the Revolution Pro Central Eye Primer is the best dupe of the MAC Paint Pot formula I’ve ever found. They have the same emollient consistency without being too thin, and it fully dries down to a powdery finish on the lids.

I own seven different Paint Pots (four of which I’ve blogged about previously) and I can’t find a shade which Central dupes specifically, but I do own MAC Painterly and in the pots they look quite similar but on the skin, Central is considerably darker. I would liken Central as being an almost hybrid shade of Painterly, Quite Natural and Soft Ochre in that it’s completely matte but is a light, warm toned brown.

I really didn’t expect the Revolution Pro Central Eye Primer to be a MAC Paint Pot dupe, and I always start off as being quite sceptical when trying products which have been labelled a dupe and the word ‘dupe’ is thrown around so lightly within the beauty community but I can honestly say the formulas are pretty much identical. They both work brilliantly at priming the lids for shadow to improve longevity of your makeup or as standalone eyeshadows too.

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