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Revolution Pro Prime and Hydrate Primer – The Too Faced Hangover Primer DUPE!

One of my biggest pet peeves within the beauty community is the flippant use of the word ‘dupe’. These days some people like to label a product a dupe even if it’s just visually similar without the formulas even being comparable. I never label something a dupe unless the product inside is in fact extremely similar and I never expected to discover a dupe when I tried the Revolution Pro Prime and Hydrate Primer for the first time.

I hadn’t seen any mention anywhere online about the new primer from Revolution Pro but I bought it as I have super dry skin, and like to use more hydrating primers. The first time I slathered it on to my skin, I instantly knew which product Makeup Revolution were intending to dupe.. the Too Faced Hangover Primer, which is one of my absolute favourites.

Revolution Pro Prime and Hydrate Primer - The Too Faced Hangover Primer DUPE!


A primer and moisturiser in one, Revolution PRO Prime & Hydrate is infused with moisturising ingredients including niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, to hydrate the skin whilst helping to lock makeup in place. Ideal for dry and combination skin types, it helps to soften the appearance fine lines caused by dehydration to create a smoother, plumper base for makeup. Gently scented with coconut. Massage into skin before applying your foundation or concealer.”

Revolution Pro Prime and Hydrate Primer - The Too Faced Hangover Primer DUPE!

The Revolution Pro Prime and Hydrate Primer is packaged within a black plastic tube, with a pump and is very basic yet sleek. I do prefer primers to have a clear tube/bottle as I like to be able to see how much product I have left but the Too Faced Primer’s packaging isn’t clear either.

I do wonder why this primer is in a plastic, solid tube though as the Revolution Pro line has five other face primers which are all in squeezy plastic tubes (similar to the tubes and colouring of the Makeup Forever Primers which I’m sure was intentional). This one primer is a pump bottle and was launched a couple of weeks after the initial Revolution Pro launch back in March.

Revolution Pro Prime and Hydrate Primer - The Too Faced Hangover Primer DUPE!

The primer is a white gel which smells of coconut and is divine, as I love anything coconut scented and I tend to use one pump of the primer to do my whole face but on days where my skin’s been particularly dry I’ve used one and a half pumps.

It is so quick and easy to apply, and it turns to almost water as soon as you begin to massage the product into the skin. I was drawn to this primer in particular as it contains glycerin, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid which are ingredients I actively look for in primers as I know they work well for my skin.

The Revolution Pro Prime and Hydrate Primer and Too Faced Hangover Primer have a very slight colour difference as the Too Faced primer is a white opaque gel-cream whilst the Revolution Pro primer has slightly more translucency.

They both smell identical with the same coconut scent which you can smell for the duration of application, but the scent does subside once fully blended. When you begin to rub each primer into the skin, they both transform into a watery consistency which feels so lightweight on the skin and I applied each one to one side of my face for a few days to compare them and they really are identical in every sense.

Revolution Pro Prime and Hydrate Primer - The Too Faced Hangover Primer DUPE!

The Revolution Pro Prime and Hydrate Primer is £7 for 30ml whilst the Too Faced Hangover Primer is £32 for 40ml, so there really is a big price difference between the two but you do get more product with the Too Faced primer. Another difference between the two is silicone as the Too Faced primer doesn’t contain any silicones whatsoever but the Revolution Pro primer does unfortunately. They both contain glycerin but overall the ingredients within the Too Faced primer are a little more skin friendly but you are paying £25 more.

They both have the exact same hydrating benefits, they both prolong my makeup as well as eachother and they both leave my skin looking and feeling very smooth and even and I’m not sure I could justify repurchasing my Hangover Primer when there’s an amazing dupe which is £25 cheaper even though I adore Too Faced. I’m so pleased I decided to try the new Revolution primer, and if you have normal to dry skin, I’d recommend giving it a try instore as I really do think you’ll be impressed.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried either of these primers? Do like finding beauty dupes?!