Revolution Pro Blur Stick Universal Face Primer

3rd July 2018

Makeup Revolution are constantly launching new products which are usually ‘inspired’ by a popular higher end product. One of the newest launches under the Revolution Pro umbrella is the Revolution Pro Blur Stick Universal Face Primer which is very obviously inspired by the highly coveted Milk Blur Stick. We can’t get hold of Milk makeup within the UK very easily so it’s amazing that we have a budget friendly, more accessible alternative but as I’ve never tried the original Milk Blur Stick I can’t comment on whether it’s a credible dupe apart from comparing the format, ingredients and claims.

Revolution Pro Blur Stick Universal Face Primer

The Milk Blur Stick is $36 and contains 28 grams of product, and is described as being a silicone-free matte primer which is proven to to minimise the appearance of pores up to 68%. The reviews for the Milk Blur Stick are seriously glowing and it’s a product I’ve been wanting to try as everyone appears to love it, but as it’s pretty much impossible to get hold of unless you’re jetting off to the US the Revolution Pro version is a product I just had to try. The Revolution Pro Blur Stick Universal Face Primer contains 30 grams of product and is £10.

Revolution Pro Blur Stick Universal Face Primer

Revolution PRO Blur Stick Universal Face Primer leaves skin perfectly smooth and matte. Swipe on and blend out to diffuse fine lines and large pores. Apply before foundation or use alone as an invisible ‘foundation’ to create the illusion of even texture on bare skin. Suitable for all skin tones and types, this lightweight and breathable primer goes on clear.

Revolution Pro Blur Stick Universal Face Primer

The Revolution Pro Blur Stick Universal Face Primer is packaged within a plastic tube with a twistable base, and screw on cap. The packaging is similar to a large twist up deodorant, and the packaging is almost identical to that of the Milk Blur Stick except their packaging is clear and you can’t clearly see how much product is left within the tube. The Blur Stick almost looks like a block of soap within the tube when you twist it up so it felt weird to just swipe the stick all over my face for the first few goes as it’s so unlike anything I’ve used before.

Revolution Pro Blur Stick Universal Face Primer

I always eye roll when a product is described as working for all skintones, or being clear as it often isn’t the case and that’s not the case sadly for the Revolution Pro Blur Stick Universal Face Primer. As you can see in the swatch above, you can very obviously see the tan colour left behind by the primer so it’s not clear, and not necessarily suitable for all skintones.

I can’t use the stick all over my face or it does leave my skin looking a little orange so I tend to swipe it across each cheek and then through my T-Zone which are my pore problem areas. By being more sparing with my application, the orange tint isn’t as noticeable but I can’t use this on bare skin as I have to cover it up to neutralise it.

Revolution Pro Blur Stick Universal Face Primer

Touching the stick in the tube, it feels a little slippery and oily which worried me a little but it’s such a strange product as it doesn’t make the face feel slippery, greasy or oily. It mattifies without the skin looking matte and flat which I know makes zero sense but it gets rid of shine in a very natural way.

It absolutely blurs my pores and makes my skin look so much smoother and more even, and I hate the term but my skin does look more flawless when using this Blur Stick. I do still apply an hydrating primer first all over my face but I then follow up with this Blur Stick on my noticeable pores and it makes such a difference in minimising my pores under my foundation. I honestly thought this would be a gimmick but it’s actually a fantastic product and one I’d totally recommend.

Have you ever tried the Milk Blur Stick? What do you think of this Makeup Revolution Blur Stick dupe?

Revolution Pro Blur Stick Universal Face Primer 1
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