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Hello Jo Beauty

I love exploring new beauty brands and the new brand from Feel unique definitely piqued my interest. Hello Jo Beauty is a brand which is supposedly built from the inside, and is made to make a difference with their Korean developed caffeine-active products. Hello Jo Beauty’s goal is to be more than just a beauty brand and create a community for women and girls to speak out – a forum for discussion.

The name Hello Jo derives from hello being the most important and most used word in the world to immediately build connections, creates openness and starts conversations. And Jo is the female version of “Joe” which is another word for coffee. Hello Jo Beauty have three beauty beliefs; Expression, Energy and Empowerment, and you can find out more about the story behind the brand here.


Hello Jo Beauty choose to use caffeine within their product range like many beauty brands, as there are so many skincare and hair care benefits to caffeine. Hello Jo describe themselves as being “incubated” by Feel unique, and it’s Feel unique that fulfil all of the Hello Jo beauty orders from both the Feel unique website directly, and the Hello Jo website itself too. There are currently only three products to choose from, but hopefully the range will be extended very soon.

Why do Hello Jo Beauty use caffeine?!

  • Its a powerhouse antioxidant which helps to fight free radical damage from pollution, toxins, and the sun.
  • It has amazing anti-inflammatory properties which help to calm, and sooth stressed skin, reducing redness and evening skin tone.
  • Reduces puffiness and under eye shadows created by eye bags.
  • Stimulates the scalp to support hair growth and strengthen the hair shaft.
  • Adds natural shine to the hair making it glossy and more manageable reducing the dreaded frizz!


Hello Jo Pack of Power Hair Masks £15 (3 masks – read more info here)

Infused with a powerful, nourishing combination of active caffeine and natural argan, olive and moringa oils, our first ever sheet mask for hair helps tame frizz, reduce breakage and smooths and prevents split ends. 

We all love a good hair mask, however using them incorrectly can actually do more damage than good. Research has shown most of us apply hair masks to the roots of the hair as well as the lengths. This causes damaging product to build up on the scalp which blocks hair follicles, inhibits hair growth, and can cause itchiness and flaking.

Tie your hair into a ponytail and drop it into the mask bag. Secure it with the band provided and gently massage in all of that oily, moisturising goodness. Leave it on for about 30 minutes (listen to our Coffee With podcast) then remove the bag and wash your hair as normal. You could even sleep in it and wash it off in the morning. For best results, use it on damp or dry hair at least once a week.

These masks work out at £5 per mask which is kinda pricey but you could do one every 10 days or so to make them last a month and keep them for special occasions or for when your hair is in need of a boost. I’ve never tried a hair mask where you need to put your ponytail into a ‘bag’ before but the bag is coated in a lovely oil-like substance which covers your hair but massaging whilst attached to your ponytail will ensure the product penetrates all of your hair.

I did a pony tail on the top of my head a la pineapple so I could get as much of my hair covered as possible. I can’t deny, they really are strange but in a good way. The bag is more of a pouch which you place your (wet) ponytail into and it didn’t slip off which I was worried about as my hair is very long and thick. My hair felt amazing once I’d rinsed it very similar to how it feels after wearing coconut oil in your hair overnight. Super soft, sleek and smooth and I’m loving the novelty factor too.


Hello Jo Bright Eyes Jelly Masks x 30 (read more here) £20

A powerful combination of calming aloe extract, strengthening pomegranate fruit extract and stimulating active caffeine helps reduce puffiness and brighten dark circles. Acmella Oleracea (A.K.A the Toothache Plant; nature’s alternative to Botox) softens fine lines around the eyes. After cleansing, make sure your skin is fully dry and position a jelly under each eye. Relax for 15 minutes, remove them, and gently pat any remaining serum into the skin. Use them every day for maximum brightening.

These jelly eye masks are my favourite from the trio as I’m a big fan of eye masks as I find they offer an instant improvement to the under-eye area. I did think the hair masks were on the pricey side but these eye masks are exceptional value as you get 60 individual masks in the jar for 30 treatments working out at sixty six pence per set of eye masks, so just 66p per treatment which is such fantastic value as gel eye masks have the tendency to be super pricey such as the Elemis eye masks which are £50.50 for SIX uses.

Obviously the ingredients in these aren’t on par with those from Elemis but the Hello Jo Beauty Bright Eyes Jelly Masks are a brilliant budget friendly option if you love a good eye mask. I keep my jar in the fridge and oh my gosh they’ve been divine in this heatwave to depuff, brighten and soothe the eyes and they even come with a mini spatula so you can scoop out the masks and I would absolutely repurchase them.


Hello Jo Speak Up Bubble Lip Mask 30ml (read more here) £12.50

Our gel-to-foam lip mask is full of bubbly enzymes, active-caffeine, antioxidants and Vitamins A and C to break down dead skin cells gently leaving lips renewed and resurfaced. Simply rub it on and watch it bubble away dry skin revealing smooth lips that feel plumped, nourished and firm. Normally, foaming at the mouth would be something to worry about. Not in this case… 

Faff free application – Keeping your mouth closed, apply 2 pumps to clean, dry lips and wait for the bubbles. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes. When the bubbles have almost disappeared, buff them away with your fingertip and roll away dead skin. Rinse your lips with water and gently pat dry. Follow with your favourite nourishing lip balm. For the best results, use up to two times a week, ideally as a treatment before bed.

Then we have a product for your lips – the Speak Up Bubble Lip Mask which I couldn’t wait to try as I’ve never tried a bubbling lip product before, only ever a bubble face mask. I was worried it would taste awful and the bubbles would automatically go into my mouth – weird I know. I only need one pump and it’s a gel cream consistency which you simply massage into the lips and within 3-5 minutes the lips are covered in bubbles and I’m super ticklish anyway, but the bubble sensation feels so weird on the lips. It leaves my lips feeling really smooth and it’s such a strange sensation but fun for those that like more unique beauty products.

I’d love to know if you’ve ever tried anything from Hello Jo Beauty? Are you tempted by any of these new products?

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