Inscripture Rose Gold Personalised Popcorn Bracelet

18th August 2018

When it comes to jewellery, I only ever liked silver or white metals but I’ve totally fallen in love with rose gold jewellery like everyone else. I’ve never liked yellow cold as I never felt it complimented my cooler toned skin tone, but rose gold always looks pretty on any skintone in my opinion. When purchasing gifts for friends or family, I love personalised gifts as it shows how much thought you’ve put into their present.

I was contacted by Inscripture; a beautiful award winning family run business, and asked if I’d like to choose something from their website, I instantly knew of the perfect recipient. My amazing friend Laura very recently had a baby and I thought a personalised jewellery piece such as the Inscripture Rose Gold Personalised Popcorn Bracelet would be the perfect gift to congratulate her.

Inscripture Rose Gold Personalised Popcorn Bracelet

I know Laura also really appreciates personalised gifts so I chose the Inscripture Rose Gold Personalised Popcorn Bracelet £42 as I know she loves rose gold jewellery and as it’s a slider bracelet, I knew it would be quick and easy to apply and take off which is exactly what you need with a newborn. The bracelet also comes in a silver option too if rose gold isn’t your thing and it can be personalised with a name, date or message of your choice. The stunning vermeil popcorn bracelet is adjustable from 16cm to 20cm, and you can even opt to add a little charm such as a giraffe, robin or unicorn should you wish to.

Inscripture Rose Gold Personalised Popcorn Bracelet

The bracelet has a pretty rose gold heart pendant which I chose to personalise with an L as I didn’t know if Laura was going to be having a girl or a boy at the time, so I figured it was best to go with her name instead. I really like the font used for the engraving as it’s as pretty and dainty as the piece itself, but Inscripture actually let you choose the font you wish to use with ten different fonts which is fab as you truly can customise your Inscripture piece to suit the recipient.

Inscripture Rose Gold Personalised Popcorn Bracelet Inscripture Rose Gold Personalised Popcorn Bracelet

The heart can be personalised on just the one side, or both and Inscripture even give you the option of removing the heart completely and replacing it with one of their charm options instead. There are so many options to make your bracelet unique and special, and I know Laura is going to absolutely love it and it’s going to make for the perfect “push present” to congratulate her on the birth of her beautiful baby boy. Inscripture also offer the most stunning handwriting jewellery pieces where you can use your loved one’s actual handwriting to engrave the piece which is just so special and sentimental.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this beautiful Inscripture Rose Gold Personalised Popcorn Bracelet?

Inscripture Rose Gold Personalised Popcorn Bracelet 1
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