Maybelline Master Opal Holographic Prismatic Highlighter

12th August 2018

You know when you try a makeup product and you’re instantly disappointed and annoyed at yourself for wasting your money?! That’s exactly what happened the first time I tried the Maybelline Master Opal Holographic Prismatic Highlighter. I’ve watched endless YouTube videos of American beauty YouTubers raving about the Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighters so I was thrilled when they finally launched within Boots and Superdrug but they were all so dark so I knew they wouldn’t work for me. When I saw the Maybelline Master Opal Holographic Prismatic Highlighter £7.99 launch as part of the Gypsy Shrine collection I thought it would be perfect as it looked amazingly pale so I bought it but I couldn’t find any swatches online.

Maybelline Master Opal Holographic Prismatic Highlighter

The Maybelline Master Opal Holographic Prismatic Highlighter contains 6.7 grams of product although Feelunique have the weight listed as 8 grams, but it definitely doesn’t contain 8 grams. The Master Holographic version of the highlighters are available in two shades; Opal and Purple, but I haven’t seen the Purple shade in the UK yet. When I bought the highlighter I had no idea they were different to the Master Chrome highlighters prior to purchasing Opal but they appear to be very different.

Maybelline Master Opal Holographic Prismatic Highlighter

Drench your cheeks in Technicolour shine with this iridescent highlighting powder. Maybelline By FaceStudio® Master Holographic Prismatic Highlighter is an ultra-concentrated powder that leaves a lustrous multi-hued sheen. Wet technology generates richly-hued, heated tones/metallic pearls that create a reflective holographic sheen.

The texture of the highlighter is very gritty and rough and I thought that perhaps the gritty texture was due to the raised design of the powder so I used a brush to fluff up the surface to see if that would improve the texture but unfortunately it didn’t.

It picks up easily on a brush but the gritty texture looks awful on the skin and I don’t have textured skin issues to start with, but this highlighter made my skin look rough and uneven. Not only is the texture unpleasant, the biggest letdown for me is the horrendous glitter-fest. This is one of the most glittery highlighters I’ve ever used, and it’s not pretty glitter. It’s obnoxious, chunky glitter which falls out all over the cheeks.

Maybelline Master Opal Holographic Prismatic Highlighter

I wish that was the end of the negatives but it’s not even remotely holographic. It’s a metallic, glittery white shade with absolutely no shifts or holographic effects so the name is really misleading. The Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighters are named as they’re very metallic and chrome-like on the skin, but the Master Holographic highlighter isn’t holographic and it’s so frustrating that so many brands label products as being holographic when they’re not. I won’t ever use this highlighter again as it’s way too glittery and too chunky for my liking, and I wish I’d never wasted £7.99 on it.

Have you tried any of the Maybelline Master Highlighters?

Maybelline Master Opal Holographic Prismatic Highlighter 1
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