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MOR Rose and Patchouli Fragrant Candle

Candles are one of my favourite products to try as I always like to burn a candle every night, as I always find it so relaxing and the perfect way to unwind. I first tried MOR Boutique when I tried the MOR Belladonna Little Luxuries Perfume Oil, but they’re an Australia based luxury bath, body and home fragrance brand. MOR’s philosophy is to provide an unique sensory journey with finely blended formulations and exceptionally detailed and opulent packaging.

Each of the MOR fragrance collections is inspired by the tales of ancient civilisations and it’s just a super luxurious brand which really cares about the attention to detail. I was gifted the MOR Rose and Patchouli Fragrant Candle and I was taken aback by how strong the fragrance was through the packaging, as I could already smell the amazing candle with a sealed box.

MOR Rose and Patchouli Fragrant Candle Review

The MOR Rose and Patchouli Fragrant Candle is £34 and contains 380g of soy wax with a 100% cotton, lead free wick for a longer, cleaner burn. MOR have a beautiful range of decadent candles in luxurious fragrances from £7 to £34, and the fragrant candles are available in the following scents; Strawberry & White Jasmine, Green Fig & Sandalwood, Cyclamen & Lily, and the scent that I have; MOR Rose and Patchouli Fragrant Candle with the following notes:

Top Notes: Violet, Iris, Musk
Middle Notes: Rose, Patchouli, Jasmine
Base Notes: Vanilla, Amber, Sandalwood

MOR Rose and Patchouli Fragrant Candle Review MOR Rose and Patchouli Fragrant Candle Review

Delight and ignite your senses with a trove of spellbinding scents. Inspired by antique literature, each Scented Home Library Rose And Patchouli Fragrant Candle is bookmarked with its fragrance and allows your own story to emanate. Alike to turning pages, new chapters and second versus, each fragrance becomes a new story that transforms any space and transcends time.

MOR Rose and Patchouli Fragrant Candle Review

The MOR Rose and Patchouli Fragrant Candle has a burn time of up to 60 hours and the packaging is the most luxurious I’ve ever seen for a candle. The candle has a cream coloured glass jar with white coloured wax. The lid is seriously weighty with a brass finish and engraved detailing around the edge, but even the box is beautiful too.

I have to admit I really don’t like rose scents which it comes to beauty products but the mixture of rose and patchouli is so intense, woody and sweet. I can’t think of a fragrance which I could compare to the scent but it’s not a sickly sweet rose scent, instead the patchouli makes it woodier and warmer. If you like light and fresh scents, this fragrance isn’t going to be for you but if you like a strong statement scent, the Rose and Patchouli perfume is exactly that.

The candle gives off such a strong, intense scent that it almost fills a room without even being lit. Once the cotton wick has been lit, the throw is sensational and fills the room and the whole floor of my home.

I’ve never found such an intense perfumed candle before, it really is special and the luxurious packaging makes it even more special. As soon as I finish my candle, I’m going to use the beautiful jar as a home for my cotton wool pads as it’s far too pretty to let it go to waste. I really can’t think of anyone that wouldn’t be wowed by one of the MOR Boutique candles as a gift, and I’d definitely love to try more of their home fragrance range.

Have you ever tried anything from MOR Boutique before?

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