Patisserie de Bain Bath and Body

28th August 2018

Patisserie de Bain are a quirky and retro bath and body brand with products which feature scents you’d find in a patisserie shop with adorable retro packaging. Plus Patisserie de Bain are the playful sister brand of Rose & Co and they launched back in 2007. Their product range is pretty extensive with body lotions, body sprays, bath bombs, hand creams, soaps and a lot more.

Patisserie de Bain Bath and Body

I love the inspiration behind each of the ranges such as 1950’s American diners for their Sweet as Cherry Pie range and nostalgic violet macaroons inspiring the Sugared Violet range. The packaging really is cute and the whole range looks very gift-worthy yet the prices are considerably more affordable than I expected them to be plus all of the products are made here in the UK.

Patisserie de Bain Bath and Body

Patisserie de Bain Caramel Whip Hand Cream 50ml £3.99

Normally a beauty brand will have one or two different hand creams, but I can’t believe how many scents of hand cream Patisserie de Bain have to offer. There are thirteen different scents available to choose from and I have the Caramel Whip hand cream which smells exactly like a Caramac bar to me, does anyone remember those?!

A deliciously sickly sweet caramel scent which just smells incredible and I didn’t expect the scents to be so strong, but as soon as I apply this hand cream, I’m asked what it is. On the flip side, if you don’t like heavily scented hand creams, you could easily use this as a travel sized body lotion as it leaves the skin lovely and soft.

Patisserie de Bain Bath and Body Patisserie de Bain Bath and Body

Patisserie de Bain Sweet as Cherry Pie Bath Bomb £1.50

I’m not sure if the packaging has changed for their bath bombs or if this is a special Christmas edition, but it’s a bright red shrink wrapped set of foil covered bath bombs. I expected this to be one massive bath bomb, but it actually contains two x 100 gram bath bombs which I think is excellent for £1.50 as it works out at only 75 pence per bath.

The packaging is so fun, and it looks a lot more luxurious than a £1.50 product, so I know it’s very early to even think about but imagine how perfect this would be as a Christmas gift?! It is so beautifully presented and it has a delicious sweet cherry scent, exactly like a cherry pie. I don’t know how they’ve managed to create such a realistic cherry pie scent for a bath bomb, and I appreciate they’ve separately wrapped each bath bomb in foil so they’re protected.

Patisserie de Bain Bath and Body Patisserie de Bain Bath and Body

Patisserie de Bain Sugared Violet Mini Bath Bombs £9.99

These bath bombs are packaged within a lovely glass candy jar, with a lid that has a seal to keep the bath bombs dry. It’s such a beautiful jar alone, but to get at least ten mini bath bombs as well for £9.99 is such a great price.

I’m always wary about keeping bath bombs in my bathroom incase they begin to effervesce on contact with moisture within the atmosphere so this sealed jar is just perfect to keep the bath bombs dry. You could always reuse the jar after using the bath bombs too to store toothbrushes in the bathroom. The violet scent is exactly identical to parma violets sweets, so if you like violet scents you’ll love these adorable mini lilac bath bombs.

Have you ever tried anything from Patisserie de Bain before?

Patisserie de Bain Bath and Body 1
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