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Disciple Skincare Discovery Kit and Balancing Mist

Cult Beauty are always adding new brands to their brand directory, and one of their newest skincare brand acquisitions is Disciple Skincare. Truth be told I hadn’t ever heard of Disciple Skincare before, but after a quick read-up online, I knew they were a brand I’d want to try. Disciple was created with a simple aim: to ‘sort out’ stressed-out skin, and was started by psychotherapist Charlotte Ferguson, whose adaptogen-rich formulas work not only on the surface of the skin but internally too, improving your body’s ability to adapt to stress and helping to rebalance hormones. The products are all hand blended in small batches from the best raw botanical ingredients, and the streamlined collection is brimming with prebiotics to nourish good bacteria on the skin and linoleic acid (an omega 6 fatty acid) to balance skin’s natural sebum consistency and so minimise breakouts.

Disciple Skincare Discovery Kit and Balancing Mist

Usually it can be a little overwhelming when it comes to skincare as there are products for different skin concerns and different skin types, but when Disciple Skincare claim their range is streamlined, they aren’t wrong. There are four individual products and then a Discovery Kit containing two deluxe mini sizes, so five products in total all of which are available from Cult Beauty. I like that the packaging is very minimal yet functional, which echoes their stripped back streamlined brand ethos focusing on the quality ingredients to help stressed out skin.

Disciple Skincare Discovery Kit and Balancing Mist Disciple Skincare Discovery Kit and Balancing Mist

Disciple Skincare Balancing Mist 50ml £12

Pure Geranium floral water with healing and protecting Copper Peptide. Floral waters are created during the distillation process of extracting essential oil. While the essential oil of the plant material is extracted the remaining water still contains powerful components of the plant or flower.

Our pure geranium water balances oily patches and encourages dry patches to boost normal oil secretion. Geranium also aids progesterone balance, estrogen balance and thyroid issues. Copper peptides can rejuvenate skin cells in aging tissue, boosting the production of collagen and elastin.

There’s something quite clinical about the simple packaging with the green glass bottles and white labels and I like it, especially for skincare. This bottle is quite heavy due to the glass so it wouldn’t work very well for on the go but it’s been sitting on my bedside table working as a last step in my evening skincare routine, or as a refreshing mist over makeup. I wasn’t sure what the scent would be like with the 100% pure geranium water, but it’s a really pleasant subtle floral scent which doesn’t linger.

This Balancing Mist is suitable for all skin types and it’s such a nice skincare step within my routine, and is even more soothing when kept in the fridge. The mister on this bottle is the best I’ve ever used for dispensing the finest, even mist without leaving the skin feeling wet and overloaded in product so it’s delightful over the top of my makeup when I’m feeling hot or I want to refresh my makeup.

Disciple Skincare Discovery Kit and Balancing Mist Disciple Skincare Discovery Kit and Balancing Mist

Disciple Skincare Discovery Kit 2 x 10ml Dreamy Skin and Good Skin £17

Good Skin Day Oil

GOOD SKIN is a 100% active botanical face oil. Formulated with break-out-prone skin in mind, this oil is rich in essential fatty acids, hormone balancing essential oils and bad bacteria fighting prebiotics. GOOD SKIN clears, brightens and nourishes tricky skin.”

Cucumber seed oil is lightweight and easily absorbed yet nourishing – restoring proper moisture balance, smoothing the skin’s surface and improving skin elasticity.

Superfood Turmeric oil helps to speed up the healing process and take out redness

Antibacterial Geranium oil works to balance rogue hormones naturally.

Prebiotic Burdock Root gives the good bacteria on the skins surface a boost – helping to fight break-out causing bacteria and sooth inflammation.

Dreamy Skin Night Oil

Pretty much everything you need in a night oil, this powerhouse treatment helps regenerate skin cells while you sleep – reducing pigmentation, pore size, fine lines and boosting firmness. DREAMY SKIN is specifically designed for acne prone skin too – the perfect anti-aging, anti-dark spot, anti huge-pore night treatment to correct damage and boost radiance.

Rosehip seed oil is packed with potent essential fatty acids (a whopping 80%) which help to improve the skins texture and elasticity.

Watermelon seed oil is rich in B vitamins, folic acid, thiamine, vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid.

Retinyl – a pure form of vitamin A, has the ability to penetrate the outer layers of the skin and work to repair the lower layers where collagen and elastin live.

Essential oils of Frankincense, Blue Chamomile and Jasmine not only smell divine but also help reduce inflammation, relieve stress and balance hormones.

Prebiotic Burdock Root gives the good bacteria on the skins surface a boost – helping to fight break-out causing bacteria and free-radicals.

This Disciple Skincare Discovery Set contains a miniature 10ml size of their Good Skin Day Oil and their Dreamy Skin Night Oil – I love a good miniature sized beauty treat, as it’s the ideal way to be able to try the brand/product without forking out for the full price without knowing if you’ll like it or not. This duo gives you an oil for day and oil for night which is genius, and although they are “mini” I don’t think they’re that mini as 10ml of oil will last for a very long time as you need only four to five drops.

The Good Skin Day Oil is massaged into clean skin morning and night (even though it’s marketed as a ‘day’ oil) and can also be blended with your preferred hydrating cream, serum or gel to intensify hydration. The Night Oil is applied the same but at night, however due to the regenerative powers of the treatment oil, you will need to wear SPF during the day. They both smell herbal/floral but pleasant with the Night Oil being the strongest scented from the two. The Day Oil absorbs quickly into the skin, whereas the Night Oil has more viscosity and spreads nicely over the skin before it begins to absorb. I didn’t notice any tingling sensations with either and my skin reacts very easily.

I think £17 is such a great price to get such high quality facial oils, and the reviews on the Cult Beauty website couldn’t be more glowing. If you have a skincare addict to buy for, this discovery set is a great gift idea for any occasion as you’d be introducing them to a new brand, and the products are excellent. If facial oils aren’t your thing, Disciple Skincare also have a cleanser within their range alongside the aforementioned Balancing Mist.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the Disciple Skincare range? Have you ever tried anything from the brand?

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