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Technic Colour Fix 2 Highlighter Palette

Technic is a brand I’d never really looked at before, because I wasn’t really a fan of the cheap looking packaging but after trying and loving their Get Gorgeous Highlighters, I’m definitely open to trying more of their products. I spotted the Technic Colour Fix 2 Highlighter Palette on Fragrance Direct for only £2.99 and decided to give it a try as it reminded me of the Kat Von D Alchemist Palette I’ve been lusting after, but it only contains four tiny pans and is £25 so I was hopeful the Technic Colour Fix 2 Highlighter Palette would be a good alternative.

Technic Colour Fix 2 Highlighter PaletteTechnic Colour Fix 2 Highlighter Palette

The Technic Colour Fix 2 Highlighter Palette is a limited edition palette containing eight large highlighters. Technic have quite a few different Colour Fix Palettes but this palette is unique as the shades mostly have a duochrome effect, with the pans having a raised star design. Alongside the launch of this palette, Technic have also launched four new shades of their Get Gorgeous Highlighters all of which have the same star embossed design. On the Technic website the palette is £6 which is pretty good for eight highlighters but £2.99 for eight highlighters is even better and works out at just 37 pence a shade.

Technic Colour Fix 2 Highlighter Palette Technic Colour Fix 2 Highlighter Palette

As a whole, the Technic Colour Fix 2 Highlighter Palette is very powdery whereas the Get Gorgeous are buttery soft with very little fallout so I don’t know if the powdery consistency is down to the duochrome effect of the shades inside the palette.

The first row of the palette contains four duochrome shades which look very similar to the shades in the KVD Alchemist Palette with a purple, peach, yellow and green duochrome shades. The duochrome shifts are extremely subtle and do need to be built up but I knew I’d never use them as highlighters, I bought them to use them as eyeshadow toppers just like I would with the Alchemist Palette.

The bottom row include a peach, grey, lilac and blue highlighter shades which again aren’t shades I’d use as highlighters as I’m a little beige when it comes to bold and crazy highlighters. I have to admit I don’t like the bottom row very much as they give a bruised effect to the skin, but the top row is better and I can’t complain too much as it’s only £2.99. I would recommend the Technic Get Gorgeous Highlighters over this palette as they’re a lot more buttery, soft and pigmented without the powdery and rough texture of the shades in this palette.

I’d love to know your thoughts on more colourful highlighters? Would you wear the shades within the Colour Fix 2 Highlighter Palette?

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