Lime Crime Diamond Dew Lid Topper

I’ve always had an obsession with glitter which is where the Miss Makeup Magpie name originally stemmed from due to my love for glitter and makeup. I’d always sworn by the Collection Glam Crystals Glitter Eyeliners and Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners applied over the top of my eyeshadow, but the Stila Glitter and Glow Eyeshadows totally reignited my love for glitter and I now can’t get enough.

I hadn’t tried anything from Lime Crime for a number of years following their controversy but after trying some of their more recent launches, I’ve been really impressed and I decided to purchase one of the Lime Crime Diamond Dew Lid Toppers £18 from Cult Beauty as they looked stunning in the swatch photos I’d seen online.

Lime Crime Diamond Dew Lid Topper in the shade Starlight, Review and Swatches

Diamond Dew is a LID topper that brings the effect of sparkling diamonds to your eyes. Packed with reflective particles that instantly add that OMG! factor to your makeup. Lightweight, zero-fallout formula dries to a smudge-proof, crease-proof finish that lasts and lasts. Can be worn on top of eyeshadow or over bare lids, cheeks & body. 

Liquid diamonds glitter eyeshadow in a ‘gilver’ hue.

What it does: Take your eye makeup to the next level and give your eyeshadow that OMG! pop of glitter.

What it won’t do: Smudge, crease, fall-out or ruin your eye makeup.


  1. Dab desired amount with included applicator.
  2. Rub lightly with finger to set & reveal more sparkle!
  3. Take off with any makeup remover when you’re ready to stop sparkling.

Lime Crime Diamond Dew Lid Topper in the shade Starlight, Review and Swatches

The Lime Crime Diamond Dew Lid Toppers are available in a total of ten different shades and they’re £18 each for 4.14ml of product. The Stila Glitter and Glow Eyeshadows are £23 each and contain 4.5ml of product, so the Lime Crime version are £5 cheaper for a very small amount of product difference.

What stood out to be the most with the Lime Crime Diamond Dew Eyeshadows is how varied and multi-dimensional the shades are, and it was such an hard decision to choose just one shade initially as I loved the look of Paris, Rose Goals, Pixie and Aurora. I chose Starlight as my first shade which is described by Lime Crime as being ‘Gliver – Gold and Silver’ and I knew it’d be a shade I’d get a lot of use from.

Lime Crime Diamond Dew Lid Topper in the shade Starlight, Review and Swatches

I really like the Lime Crime Diamond Dew packaging, with a teardrop shaped plastic bottle, which has an iridescent finish to it. The only downside of the iridescence is that it doesn’t give you a true representation of the shade inside the bottle, as the box has the same iridescence so I’d recommend looking at swatches online for the individual shade names rather than choosing based on the shade in the bottle. Within the lid there is a teardrop shaped doefoot applicator which has a little reservoir in the middle to hold extra product so you don’t have to keep dipping back into the bottle.

Lime Crime Diamond Dew Lid Topper in the shade Starlight, Review and Swatches

Starlight is absolutely beautiful and really difficult to describe as it is so multidimensional. It does definitely contain gold and silver glitter particles within a clear base, but there are also tiny iridescent particles which shift pink/purple/green depending on the light, similar to the packaging on the bottle and box.

The glitter is extremely sparkly and even more sparkly than the glitter in the Stila eyeshadows yet the glitter is a lot finer and less gritty in my opinion too. Starlight can be worn quite sheerly with just one layer, but it can also be built up in layers should you want a fully opaque glitter effect but even with a layered glitter, the fallout is so so minimal and gives less fallout than the Stila glitters.

I will still absolutely purchase more Stila glitter shades as I love them too but I find them to be more glitter eyeshadows as they have coloured bases whereas the Lime Crime Diamond Dew is definitely more of a topper to layer over your eyeshadow and thus more versatile as you can use them over any eyeshadow colour. I like that they’re £5 cheaper and I can use Starlight over any eyeshadow colour and they don’t feel as gritty when it comes to removal either, and even though they’re saturated in glitter they’re easier to remove too – I’m a massive fan.

Have you tried any of the Lime Crime Diamond Dew Lid Toppers?

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