Olive and Bloom Seville Orange Gift Set

25th October 2018

Seeing as we’re heading towards the end of October, I don’t feel guilty about mentioning the ‘C’ word. I never like to start my Christmas gift guide posts until October as I feel like any earlier is ridiculous early, but we’re getting close to November now and I have some really lovely gift ideas coming up on my blog and today I have a particularly lovely one from Olive and Bloom.

Olive and Bloom are a new luxury letterbox gift company started by working mum Gemma Robinson after she started making soaps from her kitchen and Gemma’s gift boxes contain handmade soaps, candles and lip balms, as well as sweets and chocolates from independent UK producers. The beauty of the Olive and Bloom concept is that they offer a selection of different gift sets, all of which are letterbox friendly which is such a great idea.

We’ve all experienced the dreaded ‘red card’ when we’ve missed a delivery, but with the Olive and Bloom gift sets, they all fit through a letterbox so you don’t have to worry about your recipient being home to intercept your gift. There are a number of gift sets to choose from, and I today I have the Olive and Bloom Seville Orange Gift Set to show you.

Olive and Bloom Seville Orange Gift SetOlive and Bloom Seville Orange Gift Set

There are six different Olive and Bloom letterbox gift sets allowing you to choose a giftset which will appeal to your chosen recipient. What I particularly like about their gift sets is that they’re not festive or event specific so you could gift them for any occasion for both men and women, and they all come with a greetings card which you can customise with one of the chosen messages for the front, and write your own message inside the card too. I opted for the Olive and Bloom Seville Orange Gift Set as I adore citrus scents and I loved the contents listed on their website.

Olive and Bloom Seville Orange Gift Set

Olive and Bloom Seville Orange Gift Set £29.95

The gift set comes inside a lovely, shiny white and grey cardboard box with the Olive and Bloom branding which is packaged within a cardboard box to protect the set during transit. Once you lift the lid, it says ‘a gift especially for you’ on the lid and the contents inside and wrapped in white tissue paper, and sealed with an Olive and Bloom sticker and the product inside are nestled within shredded white paper.

When I open the box, I am blown away by the amazing sweet citrus scent which can be smelt through the packaging of the items even before you open anything and I like that the recipient of your set would have the same experience as the scent is so lovely and strong. Depending on the recipients tastes you could choose a rose, lime, pink grapefruit, Seville orange or citrus based gift box and I imagine they all smell divine.

Olive and Bloom Seville Orange Gift Set

The Olive and Bloom Seville Orange Gift Set contains an 80g bar of Love Cocoa Chocolate in two flavours so you can choose which again I really appreciate as you can customise the box to your loved one’s tastes. The different gift boxes have different flavours of chocolate, and the Olive and Bloom Seville Orange Gift Set has two options; Orange and Cocoa Nibs Organic Milk Chocolate or the Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate.

Love Cocoa is an handmade luxury brand by James Cadbury inspired by his great, great, great grandfather; John Cadbury who set up Cadbury chocolate nearly 200 years ago. The history behind Cadbury and the formation of Love Cocoa can be seen here, but Love Cocoa was built on the principals of the ethical company Cadbury originally was. In my box I have the Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate which is described by the brand as “the finest organic milk chocolate with caramel and a kiss of Maldon Sea Salt to give this wonderful flavoured bar.”

Olive and Bloom Seville Orange Gift Set

Next up is the Olive and Bloom Seville Orange Soy Candle which is an hand-poured candle is made with plant-based soy wax, and its strong aroma will cast a zesty spell. The candle is an 85 gram candle within a circular silver metal tin.

So many orange scents can be really synthetic but this has to be one of the nicest orange candles I’ve ever smelt and it really reminds me of a Roses Orange Cream with the citrus oil, and sweetness. It has such a strong scent for a letterbox sized candle, and I can only imagine how amazing the lime or pink grapefruit candles are in the other boxes.

Olive and Bloom Seville Orange Gift Set

The next product within the Olive and Bloom Seville Orange Gift Set is the Olive and Bloom Coco Orange Lip Conditioner 10ml. The Lip Conditioner has similar packaging to the candle except considerably smaller, with a twist off lid to reveal a white coloured solid lip balm. The scent is a little more muted than the candle which I appreciate as heavily scented lipbalms can be a little overbearing but it smells very nice and it contains organic sustainable palm oil, coconut and jojoba seed oil and orange peel oil to nourish and smooth the lips.

Olive and Bloom Seville Orange Gift Set Olive and Bloom Seville Orange Gift Set

The last item in the box is the Olive and Bloom Seville Orange + Calendula Petals Cleansing Soap Bar 120g. The Olive and Bloom soaps are handmade in England using the finest ingredients. The inspiration behind this particular soap is Olive and Bloom’s love of the Mediterranean and they wanted to create a soap evocative of the med’s sunkissed lifestyle.

The soap contains Seville orange oil blended with Sicilian lemon zest and dried Calendula petals, and the soap can be applied generously to the face and body avoiding the eye area. I can’t believe how divine this soap smells, and the calendula petals are very small to give very gentle exfoliation to the skin and it ties in with the lovely orange theme very well.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the Olive and Bloom Seville Orange Gift Set? Do you like the idea of a letterbox sized gift set?

Olive and Bloom Seville Orange Gift Set 1
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