The Ultimate and Best Mattress ft. The Leesa Mattress

I love to sleep which is quite ironic considering I’ve been an insomniac for a good fifteen years. I’ve been on the lookout for a new mattress for around five months so when Leesa got in touch with me to see if I’d like to try the Leesa Mattress, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. I’d done a number of tweets looking for recommendations for a new mattress but I just couldn’t decide which brand to choose from and I just didn’t know which was “the best” and considering how expensive a good quality mattress is, it’s not a decision I wanted to take lightly. There are so many different adverts for the new type of premium multi-layered foam mattresses but Leesa stood out for me as they really care about their social impact and when I read all about their giving back initiative, I knew it was a brand I wanted to support as for every ten mattresses they sell, they donate one mattress to a charitable organisation.

The Ultimate and Best Mattress ft. The Leesa Mattress

There are endless different mattresses to choose from, but how do you know which one is the best for you?! I’ve had three mattresses over the last six years which is less than ideal as it works out at a mattress for every two years. One of the mattresses I owned within the last six years was from a very well known brand, cost £550 however when it arrived it was awfully uncomfortable and there was absolutely nothing I could do. If you purchase a mattress inside a store you can to a degree give it a try by sitting on it, but even instore you don’t really know how comfortable it’s going to be which is why The Leesa Mattress is such a game changer as they give you a 100 night risk free trial.

The Leesa Mattress 100 Night Risk Free Trial

I couldn’t quite believe it either but Leesa are so confident with the comfort and quality of their award winning mattress that they give everyone a 100 night risk free trial. Leesa recommend using the mattress for a minimum of 30 nights so you can give your body ample time to adjust to the feel of the new mattress.

If you do decide you want to return the mattress, there are zero return fees and you don’t even have to worry about trying to fit in back in its tiny box as Leesa will arrange to have your mattress picked up from your home with no additional effort or cost. Leesa then try to locate a charity in your community to recycle the mattress (if there isn’t one available or the mattress isn’t in good enough condition, they look to a recycling company, that will make use of the materials without contributing to landfill) and refund you in full.

I really do think it’s amazing that you can purchase the mattress without worrying if it will work for you, as you have the peace of mind knowing you can return in with no issues which is fantastic as let’s face it, a mattress is an investment especially as Leesa have a ten year guarantee which again is amazing. The Single size of The Leesa Mattress is £399 and the Super King is £769, and I’ve paid more than £769 for my last three mattresses combined with no guarantees whereas I could have purchased one Leesa mattress, saved money and had a guarantee for ten years There are 18,000 reviews on the Leesa website incase you needed any more convincing and they’ve been awarded accolades from the likes of Which, Men’s Health and Good Housekeeping.

The Ultimate and Best Mattress ft. The Leesa Mattress

What makes the Leesa Mattress so special?!

“The Leesa mattress is redesigned from the inside out to give you the comfort, support, and universal feel everybody needs to sleep better. Our unique combination of performance foam layers deliver cooling bounce, contouring pressure relief and core support for amazing sleep. The Leesa mattress is simply the best premium foam mattress you can buy. The Leesa mattress was expertly-crafted to offer extraordinary sleep, night after night, at an outstanding value.

The Leesa mattress is designed to cradle and support your body while avoiding the sinking feeling and overheating found in other foam mattresses, and whether you’re a back, stomach or side sleeper, the Leesa adapts to how you sleep.. The mattress consists of three different foam layer construction covered with a seamless iconic four-stripe cover.

The Ultimate and Best Mattress ft. The Leesa Mattress

1. Cooling Avena Foam

The 5cm Avena® foam top layer provides airflow for a cooler night’s sleep and enough bounce for freedom of movement.

2. Pressure Relieving Memory Foam

The 5cm memory foam layer delivers the body contouring and pressure relief you’ve come to expect from memory foam.

3. Dense Core Support

The 15cm base foam layer adds strength, durability and structure to support sleepers of all sizes, without feeling too firm

The Ultimate and Best Mattress ft. The Leesa Mattress

The Leesa Mattress checkout process was insanely quick and easy and took me a matter of minutes to add my chosen mattress size to my basket and checkout. I was surprised by how quickly the mattress arrived too. It arrives in a super heavy, tall cardboard box and there are very easy to follow four step instructions on the box.

The mattress comes folded over and rolled up like a swiss roll and is shrink wrapped in plastic, and you simply pull the mattress from the box inside the room you want your mattress to be and begin to remove the plastic sheet. It’s amazing watching the mattress unravel and increase in size, so much so it’s hard to believe it even fitted in a rectangular box; the Leesa packaging team are some sort of wizards!

The Ultimate and Best Mattress ft. The Leesa Mattress

Once all of the plastic has been removed you simply leave the mattress to fully expand so all wrinkles dissipate and the Leesa label looks like a mini ‘flag. The mattress is recommended to start with the stripes at the foot of your bed but Leesa recommend turning the mattress (but never flipping due to the design/layout of the foam layers) every 6 to 12 weeks which I’ll definitely be doing as it helps to keep your mattress in the best condition, and Leesa recommending turning the mattress in order to maintain the universal feel and support across the surface area of the mattress.

It only took an hour for my mattress to appear like it had fully expanded but it does take 24-48 for it to become fully expanded, however it is ready to sleep on within an hour. I love foam based mattresses but I don’t love their pungent scent which is something I was dreading with my new mattress as I’m prone to migraines. I was really surprised to discover the Leesa Mattress only had a subtle ‘foam scent’ which was only noticeable once laying on the mattress but it wasn’t at all overwhelming like my past foam mattresses and the scent disappeared completely within three days.

The Ultimate and Best Mattress ft. The Leesa Mattress

My experience with the Leesa Mattress

I’ve mentioned my recent health issues on my blog and social media channels a few times but I’ve got glandular fever and anaemia as well as having a kidney infection which has made me very poorly, hence the lack of posts across my blog and social media. I have pretty much spent the last six weeks in bed and only leaving the house for my many medical appointments so my Leesa mattress has been an absolute godsend.

I’ve suffered with really high fevers which was awful in the heatwave, but the Leesa mattress somehow managed to keep my body nice and cool and the support it gives the body is second to none. I’ve never really appreciated the difference a good mattress makes until the Leesa mattress arrived and now I’m a complete Leesa convert.

The Ultimate and Best Mattress ft. The Leesa Mattress

I received my mattress for free in return for my review but I would hands down replace it tomorrow if I had to (not that I’d have to, considering you have the 10 year guarantee  😉 ). It does such a fantastic job at supporting my aching joints, especially whilst I’ve been poorly but even Rob’s noticed a difference in how rested he feels in the morning. It did take me two nights to get used to the mattress but it’s so wonderfully comfortable and it supports every part of my body from my neck and shoulders all the way through to my feet.

I’d seen some multi-layered foam mattresses which just have the contoured foam in the middle section for your hips but the quality foam within the Leesa Mattress is high quality and dense throughout and the silky soft cotton cover makes it easy to change the bedding as my sheet doesn’t instantly ping off like some shinier finish mattresses.

The Ultimate and Best Mattress ft. The Leesa Mattress

I’m not sure there’s anything else I could say apart from how much I love this mattress, and how extremely grateful I am as it’s made being poorly a tiny bit more bearable whilst I’ve been stuck watching countless episodes of Jeremy Kyle. If you have a chronic pain condition like myself, I really recommend the Leesa mattress in particular as it offers brilliant support for every joint of the body and there are no uncomfortable, noisy springs which is an absolute bonus.

I am so, so over the moon with my Leesa and the 100 day trial is perfect as you can try it for yourself and know that you can return it with no issues and get your money back, if for any reason you didn’t find it comfortable but I honestly think you’d struggle to find even one tiny negative – it is amazing.

The very kind Leesa team have given me a discount code which will give you £100 off the Leesa Mattress with the code “GEMMAETC” if you’ve been tempted to place an order, the discount makes it the perfect time to do it…

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