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B Hydrated Booster + B Glowing Booster

B are a Superdrug brand with both skincare and makeup products, all of which are cruelty free and vegan. I’ve tried quite a few B products and whilst I’ve not been wowed by their makeup, their skincare is definitely worth trying. B have just launched two new products; the B Hydrated Booster and the B Glowing Booster and I couldn’t wait to try them as my skin’s super dry and I need as much help as I can get in the glow department as my skin looks pretty dull.

B Hydrated Booster + B Glowing Booster

The two new boosters are £9.99 each and I really hope they launch more of these concentrated serums as they give higher end brands a run for their money. Superdrug always have an offer on their own brands, and the B range is either on a buy one get one free deal or a half price deal so I’ve never had to pay full price for any of the B skincare products I’ve tried which is always a bonus.

B Hydrated Booster + B Glowing Booster

The boosters are packaged within 20ml glass bottles with a valve delivery which you need to press for the liquid to dispense so I typically push the valve against the back of my hand so the serum pools on the back of my hand, and then apply the serum to my face. I do like this method of dispensing the product as it reduces wastage, and it’s similar to the valve you get on tea tree oil bottles.

B Hydrated Booster + B Glowing Booster B Hydrated Booster + B Glowing Booster

B Hydrated Booster £9.99

Use B Hydrated Booster when your skin needs an extra bit of hydrating help. Based on the Korean concept of “Ampoules”, B. Boosters are designed to be used as and when your skin needs some extra support. The Benefits: Boosts hydration – With Hyaluronic Acid which is well-known for its hydrating skin care benefits. Softens and freshens – Contains a nourishing blend of three Australian Superfruits.”

Due to how dry and dehydrated my skin is, I’m always drawn in to a product with hydrate within the product name as I have to apply copious amounts of oils, creams and serums to keep my skin as hydrated as possible. Although I much prefer the winter over summer, the colder months aren’t too kind on the skin and my skin has been particularly dry the last few months so I couldn’t wait to try the B Hydrated Booster. The serum is a very thin fluid with good viscosity which spreads well over the skin. I only need a couple of drops for my face and neck so whilst 20ml isn’t the most generous volume, the B Hydrated Booster is quite potent and a little goes a long way.

I don’t notice any scent when using the booster and the liquid is so thin, it will pour off the back of your hand. I like to use the B Hydrated Booster after cleansing prior to applying my moisturiser and serum. B recommend using their boosters either alone as a standalone product, or mixing with your moisturiser for an extra boost of hydration.

I prefer to use the Hydrated version alone as it really does offer an intense hit of moisture for my skin and I’ve found myself reapplying throughout the day on the days I’ve not worn makeup as my skin loves it so much. I feel like this particular booster makes the surface of my skin softer, smoother and more even in texture and it works nicely when applied straight after an acid based toner.

B Hydrated Booster + B Glowing Booster B Hydrated Booster + B Glowing Booster

B Glowing Booster £9.99

Revives and refreshes – Contains a Fruit Acid from Australian Limes, which gently removes dead skin cells. Moisturises and brightens – giving your complexion a healthy glow.”

The B Glowing Booster has a subtle opalescent hue which I hope I’ve shown in the photo so I did wonder if the opalescence would translate onto the skin but it doesn’t but it still does have a subtle brightening effect on the skin. I like that this booster contains fruit acids to gently exfoliate the skin and it really is very gentle with no stinging sensations. The consistency of the Glowing Booster is a little thicker than the B Hydrated Booster and thus it doesn’t spread as evenly and as far, and I do find that I have to use around five to six drops.

The skin around my eyes has been awfully dry recently and whilst this isn’t intended for use near the eyes, I have used a small amount on the skin under my eyes and it’s definitely improved the texture of the skin. I wouldn’t say the Glowing Booster is as much of a wow product like the Hydrated Booster as that has really impressed me but it’s still a fab product and I’ve enjoyed using it alongside the Hydrated Booster to brighten and hydrated the skin.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the new B Hydrated Booster and B Glowing Booster?

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