Fashion Christmas Gift Ideas

I’ve really enjoyed sharing lots of Christmas gift ideas on my blog over the last few weeks and I’ve particularly enjoyed sharing some more unique suggestions on the usual gift sets. In addition to this, I have decided to do a Christmas gift post tailored towards fashion and accessories for loved ones, this should help with inspiration when it comes to buying presents or if you wish to treat yourself.

Fashion Christmas Gift Ideas

I don’t think any fashion Christmas gift roundup would be complete without mentioning a lovely cosy dressing gown. Be it for men, for women or for children, everyone loves a fluffy dressing gown, making it a thoughtful gift that can be used throughout the colder months or to get cosy whilst watching festive films. You don’t necessarily need to know their exact clothes size either as I find oversized dressing gowns to be even cosier.

Buying fashion pieces for the men in your life can be tricky if they’re anything like my other half unless they’ve specifically told you what they want. If they enjoy playing sports you could always get them something to wear to play, or to watch their favourite game such as football boots for a football fan or a golf shirt from Function 18 if they’re a golfer. If you don’t fancy buying sports clothing, you could always get them a voucher for one of their favourite fashion retailers, so they can choose their gift themselves after Christmas. I like buying trainers for my other half as I know which ones he likes, and they always go down well, plus a shoe box is nice and easy to wrap which is always appreciated as I’m not great at wrapping.

Fashion Christmas Gift Ideas

Last Christmas I received a new blanket scarf as a present and I’ve got so much wear out of it. I feel like scarves are a safe gift idea for both men and women as you don’t need to know their clothes size but it’s still something they’ll love and get a lot of use out of. If you were going to go for a scarf, I’d go for a plain design as they’re easier to style but I personally love a good patterned scarf to really make a statement!

If you’re looking for men’s gifts and they work in an office environment, you could consider a new tie or cuff links. I know they might sound like boring gifts but they’re the kind of thing that’s get worn frequently and there are many different retailers you could purchase them from to get good quality ones without having to spend a fortune. If you did want to spend a little extra, some sites give you the option of personalising cuff links which is a nice idea too.

My last suggestion is for the ladies in your life, and that’s to splash out on some statement jewellery. I love all types of jewellery, especially timeless pieces, making it a worthwhile Christmas present. Tassel Earrings are a big trend right now and they’re not too expensive depending on which store you go to. I love to receive jewellery as a gift, no matter how big or small, so I’d really recommend it especially as you can buy cute little gift boxes to make your piece even more special.

I really hope you found my selection of fashion Christmas gift ideas helpful.

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